According to the "American Journal of Clinical Medicine"study, poor sleep affect men's sexual performance. The statistics shows that men with poor sleep quality (excluding mental illness) compared with those healthy individuals, men have sleep disorders were found to be 1.1 times more likely to have ejection difficulties. Some experts also pointed out that the lack of long-term sleep will affect endocrine and neurological health, thus affecting sexual function. Therefore good quality sleep is very important to men's health.

Here are a few tips for improving sleep quality:

1. Taking a warm shower/bath or foot bath with warm water before bed. It works by slightly raising your body temperature and after 15 minutes,  when it starts to drop slowly, you will feel drowsy and sleepy.  This Physical therapy helps one falling into sleep more easily. A hot bath also diverts some blood from the head to lower parts of our body, reduces brain activity and mimics the pre-sleep state.

2. Choosing your food wisely. Taking food high in protein in the evening may affect sleep quality as it is not easily digested, while complex carbohydrates is more digestible. Having a breakfast and lunch with nutritious high-protein foods such as eggs, meat and so on. while for dinner, opt for good with more carbohydrates, such as cereals and fruits. Avoid feasting right before going to sleep. If you have insomnia, may consider appropriate health products to relieve sleep problems.

3. Doing exercises often. For instance, one can take on an intense aerobic exercise in the daytime, and another day stretching exercise in the evening. Exercises promote overall health and improve metabolism and detoxification, also helps the body goes into "deep sleep" more easily..