As a person ages, hormone changes are a natural part of the process. It is well known that women are more likely to experience more dramatic reproductive hormone plunge during menopause. However, sex hormone changes in men do occur too but at a more gradual pace. Here's what you need to know.


On average, a man's testosterone levels can decline by about 1% a year after the age of 40. However, the testosterone levels of most of the older men are still considered to be within the normal range. Only an estimated 10% to 25% of them have levels that are considered low.


Testosterone levels can be checked with a blood test, but this is not routinely done. So, it is common that low testosterone levels in older men often go unnoticed. It also does not help that many of the signs and symptoms associated with low testosterone levels are not specific. They can also be caused by many reasons, such as aging, use of medications or other conditions like a body mass index of 30 or higher. Below are some symptoms that suggest low testosterone levels:

- Reduced sexual desire and activity

- Decreased spontaneous erections or erectile dysfunction

- Breast discomfort or swelling

- Infertility

- Height loss, low trauma fracture or low bone mineral density

- Hot flushes or sweats


Other possible symptoms include decreased energy levels, motivation and confidence, depressive mood and poor concentration. It is also possible to experience increased sleepiness, disrupted sleep, mild, unexplained anemia, reduced muscle bulk and strength as well as increased body fat.


Male menopause, also known as Andropause, is the result of decreased secretion of testosterone hormone. Hence, it is highly recommended for men over 40 to consider supplementing the following nutrients, to increase testosterone levels and improve their physical condition.


1. Zinc

Zinc is an essential nutrient that has many vital health benefits with increasing the production of testosterone being one of them. Zinc can be found is food such as pumpkin seeds, dairy products and crustacean seafood, especially oysters. One oyster can provide the body's daily zinc requirement.



2. Protein

Protein is another important nutrient required by the human body. Protein is essential for muscle production or other physiological adjustments. Without sufficient protein, the body is unable to produce amino acids to synthesize testosterone. Hence,  it is recommended for men to increase their dietary protein intake from these foods:

- Meat-based protein: Beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, fish and seafood, dairy products, eggs

- Plant-based protein: Nuts, beans, tofu



3. Natto

Natto, a fermented soybean has been a traditional Japanese food for thousands of years. It contains nattokinase (NK), an enzyme which has been utilised as a folk remedy for heart and circulatory diseases. Nattokinase has the property to dissolve web-like fibrin to disintegrate clots that are formed in the blood vessels, it can also help to improve blood circulation, regulate blood pressure and enable blood to reach the extremities.




The EPA and DHA contained in fish oil are vital for blood vessel health. They can reduce triglyceride levels and maintain healthy vascular endothelium, while some auxiliary enzymes with antioxidant effects such as vitamin E and coenzyme Q10 can reduce the oxidative pressure in the body to maintain the elasticity of blood vessels. These nutrients are beneficial for maintaining the adrenal glands, liver, testicles, penis and other body parts with rich blood supply. Increasing the intake of fish oil helps to maintain men’s health.



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