SIT less STAND more. When you are sitting, a large part of the body will be "pressed" on the prostate, increase its temperature and stress level. Being sedentary may also elevate the body’s prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels, which link to prostate cancer risk.

Do not hold back URINE. Male urethra is normally colonized with many bacteria. Urination helps flashed away bad bacteria, holding back urine may lead to bacterial infection such as acute prostatitis.

Regular SEX. Ejaculating regularly may reduce your risk of prostate cancer. However, if one is over sexually active, it likely causes blood congestion in prostate, making it prone to inflammation.

DIET is important for men's health. Stop smoking. (if you do please take more vitamin B and C) Excess alcohol may lead to prostate congestion, in which prostate gland becomes inflamed or enlarged. Eat less spicy fried and heavy flavored food, incorporate more fresh fruits, plant seeds, and natural herbs into your daily diet.