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23 Feb I Wake Up to Urinate at Night - Is That Normal?
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  Does your bladder keep waking you up during the night? If you wake up once a night to urinate, it may still be considered normal. However, if you wake up more than once, it is important to determine the underlying cause as improving our health r..
09 Nov Male Menopause: Myth or Reality?
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  As a person ages, hormone changes are a natural part of the process. It is well known that women are more likely to experience more dramatic reproductive hormone plunge during menopause. However, sex hormone changes in men do occur too but at a ..
24 Jun 7 Ways to Improve Prostate Health
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  The prostate is a walnut-sized gland of the male reproductive system, located just below the bladder and in front of the rectum. Most men would be concerned when faced with health issues such as frequent urination or an enlarged prostate due to ..
01 Aug 6 Ways to Increase Male Fertility
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Did you know that infertility is increasingly common worldwide? Approximately one in every three cases is a result of male infertility. Usually, the poor quality and quantity of sperm cells attribute to the fertility problems in men.  Here we will sh..
06 Sep Early dinner may reduce risk of breast and prostate cancer
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Did you know that when you eat matters as much as what you eat? Breast and prostate cancers are two of the most prevalent types of cancers worldwide and are most strongly linked to night-shift work.   \tThe Barcelona Institute for Global Health condu..
24 Aug Low-Fat Chocolate Milk: The Ideal Post-Exercise Recovery Drink
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Good news to all chocolate milk lovers out there! Studies from Indiana University and The University of Texas at Austin have concluded that low-fat chocolate milk is a great recovery drink for high-endurance athletes such as cyclists, swimmers and lo..
21 Mar Do you enjoy having beer with BBQ meats?
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Do you enjoy BBQ meat together with alcoholic drinks? Nutrition experts advise that one should limit his/her alcohol intake while taking a lot of BBQ meats. During barbecue process, heated food produces a carcinogenic ingredient called “heterocyclic ..
22 Feb Poor sleep may affect your sex drive
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According to the "American Journal of Clinical Medicine"study, poor sleep affect men's sexual performance. The statistics shows that men with poor sleep quality (excluding mental illness) compared with those healthy individuals, men have sleep disord..
29 Aug Mid-life crisis: 5 symptoms affecting men after 40
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When men reach mid age, they have similar "menopause" symptoms just as women do. Find out more about the changes men go through after mid age. Here are five symtoms to take note:1. Mental stress and forgetfulnessMen after mid age appear to have slowe..
31 Jul 4 Tips to take care of your prostate
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SIT less STAND more. When you are sitting, a large part of the body will be "pressed" on the prostate, increase its temperature and stress level. Being sedentary may also elevate the body’s prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels, which link to prosta..
31 Mar Pine Bark Extract improves male fertility
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Did you know? Pine Bark Extract helps to promote healthy erectile function and improve fertility in men. A research shown that following 90 day supplementation of Pine Bark Extract, the results revealed a decrease in abnormal sperm counts and an incr..
10 Aug Good fat enhances your manhood
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According to studies, men with higher intake of omega-3 fatty acid produce more and better quality semen than those with lower intake. An unhealthy diet with high amount of saturated fat is also associated with low and poor quality semen.  ..
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