Now you have even more reasons to exercise during pregnancy! Researchers at the University of Montreal discovered that pregnancy exercises can have beneficial effects on the cognitive development of your baby.


  • In the study, subjects were randomly allocated to an exercise group (performed a minimum 20 minutes of moderate-intensity cardiovascular exercise thrice a week) or a sedentary group (did not exercise).


At 8 - 12 days following birth, the researchers evaluated the response of the babies’ brains to repeated and novel sounds using electroencephalography to measure their brain activities. They found that the babies born from physically active mothers have a more mature cerebral activation, which indicates a more rapid brain development.


Researchers are currently investigating if this advanced brain development will remain in their later lives.


Here are some of the best activities for mums-to-be: Walking, Prenatal Pilates, Prenatal Yoga and Water Exercise.


Some Precautions to Take Note:


Avoid contact sports and do not exercise too hard that you become breathless as you talk.


If you were inactive prior to pregnancy, limit to no more than 15 minutes of continuous exercise, thrice a week. Slowly build up to a minimum of four 30-minute sessions a week.