Improving your immunity is often easier said than done. This can be done through lifestyle and dietary changes. If you wish to strengthen your body’s defence to help fend off pathogens (disease-causing organism), here are 6 ways to boost your immunity:


1. Get sufficient sleep


Clinical research has confirmed that getting a good night’s sleep helps improve the body’s immunity and enhance resistance against diseases and hasten recovery. Although it is often recommended to sleep at least 8 hours a day, the quality of sleep is much more important than the duration.


One indication that you are well rested is when you wake up feeling energetic and happy. Creating a good sleep environment with minimal noise interference, low light and a suitable indoor temperature are vital in improving the quality of sleep.



2. Exercise regularly


Exercising not helps you to build muscles, but are also good for maintaining a healthy body and immune system. The body’s overall circulation is improved through regular exercising, this allows the immune cells and other anti-infective molecules to travel easily throughout your body, thus enhancing your immune function. Research have shown that just 30 minutes of moderate-to-high intensity exercise daily can help stimulate the immune system.



3. Quit smoking


Tobacco products contain more than 30 substances which are harmful to the body and can cause inflammations and cellular damage. Smoking suppresses your immune system which increases your risk of an infection. Quitting smoking is crucial to improving your immunity and preventing infections.



4. Reduce alcohol intake


Excessive alcohol consumption will weaken the body's immune function and cause great damage to your blood, heart and other organs. Although it is said that wine can help to lower cholesterol levels, it is advisable to control the amount daily and limit it to one glass a day.



5. Take probiotics


Probiotics help boost your immunity by improving the intestinal barrier function. This reduces the likelihood of bacteria in your intestines leaking into your bloodstream, which may lead to an inflammation.



6. Minimise stress


Stress weakens your immunity and lowers your white blood cells, responsible for fighting off infection. It’s important to know how to identify stress and reduce it through activities such deep breathing, mediation, prayer or exercising.



You may like to consider health supplements to strengthen your immunity:


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