Did you know that infertility is increasingly common worldwide? Approximately one in every three cases is a result of male infertility. Usually, the poor quality and quantity of sperm cells attribute to the fertility problems in men.  Here we will share 6 ways to elevate the number of healthy, quality sperms your body produces.


1. Eat healthily


Incorporate more fruits and vegetables (high in antioxidants), particularly green leafy vegetables and beans into your diet to enhance semen quality.



2. Take Maca


Maca is traditionally used to improve libido and fertility. Studies have demonstrated that maca can increase sexual desire and sperm count by up to 2.4 times.



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3. Stay physically active


Studies have shown that regular moderate exercise raises testosterone levels and semen quality. An increase in sperm quality and quantity was observed in men who exercised a minimal of three times weekly.



4. Manage stress


Chronic stress can increase the amount of cortisol. This in turn causes the level of testosterone to decline, impairing your fertility. Learn to relax by spending quality time with family and friends, taking a stroll in the park or meditating.



5. Quit smoking


Research has found lower sperm counts in smokers compared to non-smokers.



6. Minimise your consumption of alcoholic drinks


Heavy drinking has been shown to lower testosterone levels and adversely affect sperm quality.