Will you find out if there's something wrong with your heart? And do you know that not all heart problems come with clear warning signs? There isn’t always an alarming chest clutch followed by a fall to the floor as you commonly see in the movies. Some heart symptoms don’t even occur in your chest, and it’s not always easy to tell what’s going on.


Common symptoms of an unhealthy heart include shortness of breath, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, nausea, heartburn, stomach pain, back pain, and/or left side pain. Even though not all early signs of heart disease are easy to spot, these are some clear warning signs that it’s time to contact your doctor. Here are some common signs to look out for, any or all of which may indicate that you have an unhealthy heart. No matter how mild or harmless they may seem, they could be harbingers of future cardiac trouble.


1. Chest pain

Chest or heart pain is the most common sign of an unhealthy heart. It may come in the form of tightness, pressure, or pain, and usually lasts more than a few minutes. However, be aware that not all heart problems come with chest pain. It's important to check your body so you can notice unusual symptoms when they appear.

If the pain does not go away, you feel a crushing sensation in your chest, or you feel the pain starts to spread to your left arm, back, or shoulder, you should call for emergency help.



2. Shortness of breath

Shortness of breath can be caused by anxiety, anemia, or allergic reactions, but the underlying cause is typically either pulmonary (lungs) or cardiac (heart) in nature. A dangerous pulmonary embolism may first reveal itself through sudden shortness of breath.

At other times, shortness of breath develops gradually. It may be a sign of aortic disease, arrhythmia, or heart failure. Shortness of breath is never a symptom to take lightly, be it gradual or sudden.



3. Irregular heartbeat

An irregular heartbeat itself is classified as an arrhythmia but it can also be an early indicator of health problem. For example, this is to observe the early symptoms of congestive heart failure. There are various types of irregular heartbeats, some of which include:

Atrial fibrillation: Fast, irregular heartbeats starting in the atria that could cause a stroke

Bradycardia: Slow heartbeat (<60 beats per minute)

Premature ventricular contractions (PVCs): Extra heartbeats in the ventricles or the “skipped a beat” feeling

Tachycardia: Fast heartbeat (>100 beats per minute)

Ventricular fibrillation: Fast and irregular heartbeats that require immediate medical attention

Some people may ask if sugar increases the heart rate. The answer is yes! Eating a lot of sugar causes an increase in insulin, which results in the release of adrenaline, your body's natural response to eating high amounts of sugar is an increased heart rate. Hence if your heartbeat feels irregular after a high sugar meal, this may be the cause. However, if the symptom persists or is not related to any obvious event, please contact your doctor immediately.



4. Nausea, heartburn, stomach, or back pain

Although these symptoms on the surface might seem totally unrelated to heart health, however, they can often act as early signs of heart disease or a heart attack, especially in women. There are a magnitude of reasons someone might feel nausea, heartburn, acid reflux, stomach pain, or back pain, but if any of these is a recurring issue, it’s worth getting the symptoms checked out by your doctor.



5. Swollen feet

Swollen feet can be a sign of deep vein thrombosis, which may lead to a pulmonary embolism. It can also be an indicator of heart failure. This happens because when the heart begins to pump blood inefficiently, gravity can cause the blood to concentrate near the lower extremities throughout the day.

Therefore if your shoes, socks, or pants start to feel tight as the day comes to an end, the possibility of heart failure should not be overlooked. The next sign may be a blood clot leading to a heart attack or cardiac arrest.



6. Left side pain

To be more specific, a pain that radiates down your left arm or shoots through your left shoulder. This is a common symptom of a heart attack because the nerves that transmit pain from your heart and your left arm go to the same part of the brain. Therefore, it is possible to confuse the pain you feel in your heart with the pain in your left side body or arm. It is vital to seek emergency medical attention immediately if you are experiencing pain on your left side, especially if the pain is accompanied by any of the other symptoms we’ve discussed above.



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