Eye issues are common and are also an inevitable part of the ageing process. Some eye conditions can be harmless and merely cause annoyance, while others can be diseases that can lead to permanent vision loss if left untreated. Early detection is key for prevention and slowing down vision loss! Make time for regular eye checkups and look out for these 5 warning signs of aging eyes.


1. Pain in the Eye Socket, Dizziness: Presbyopia/ High Intraocular Pressure


Presbyopia is the gradual loss of ability to focus on nearby objects. It is the most noticeable visual change experienced by middle-aged people. Many may think that having presbyopia means being able to see things at a distance but not in close proximity. While this is true by definition, the fact is that many people who develop presbyopia often have pre-existing myopia, so they can't see objects that are too far away as well. The most obvious symptom of presbyopia is decreased vision or blurriness when looking at nearby objects.  


Most of the time, people will squint their eyes unconsciously in an attempt to see more clearly. This might cause swelling of the eye sockets and dizziness and it could also be a symptom of high intraocular pressure. Using eye drops cannot help alleviate presbyopia and it is best to go for an examination.



2. Seeing Dark Shadows and Experiencing Blurred Vision: Macular/Optical Nerve Degeneration


In the early stage of macular degeneration, the central vision may seem to be getting darker and blurrier. It may also seem to take a lot of effort to see clearly. Having glaucoma may also make you feel that your vision is getting dark in front of the eye. This is because of the deterioration and damage of the optic nerve due to the high internal pressure in the eye. Considering an eye supplement that supports macular health can be beneficial in managing these symptoms.



3. Double and Distorted Vision: Macular Degeneration


Double vision occurs when a person sees two of the same image when only one is before their eyes. One may experience darkened vision or see a distorted image of an object placed in front of him/her. An object that is originally straight will be seen as curved. For example, if you hold a pair of chopsticks in front of your eyes, you will feel that the chopsticks have become curved and difficult to use. To support the health of your macula and potentially alleviate these symptoms, incorporating an eye supplement into your daily routine is worth considering.



4. Decreased Vision: Lens/Retinal Degeneration


The function of the eyes is to see things. With decreased vision, many would assume it is the worsening of myopia and that there is nothing too serious to worry about. But if nothing is being done to correct or investigate the deterioration, it might actually be a symptom of presbyopia, cataracts, macular degeneration, retinopathy or glaucoma which is actually a degeneration of the lens and retina. It is best to seek an eye examination early and regularly to keep track of your eye health. Additionally, incorporating an eye supplement into your daily routine may provide additional support for your vision health.



5. Floaters: Degeneration of Retina


If you see many tiny black spots floating around, especially against a bright background, you may have eye floaters. Floaters actually represent the degradation of the vitreous body that supports the retina. It is like pulling off the cotton from a pillow. If the retina loses its support, it may peel off.



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