Most of us use digital devices over prolonged hours daily, making us prone to dry eyes or even have bloodshot eyes. Did you know that eyes are the fastest ageing organ in the human body? It is important that our eyes and well rested, in addition to replenishing the nutrients needed to care, protect and prevent eye diseases. Here are 5 nutrients which are great for your eyes:


1. Lutein:


Lutein is an antioxidant found in the retina and macula of the human eye. It helps to protect the macula from free radical damage. Lutein also helps us to see well under low-light conditions and reduce discomfort from glares.


Foods that contain lutein: dark green vegetables, such as broccoli, spinach, and kale.



2. Zeaxanthin:


Zeaxanthin absorbs the harmful blue light that is generated from the screens of electronic devices and helps to reduce damage to the macula of the retina.


Foods that contain zeaxanthin: green and yellow fruits and vegetables, such as corn, pumpkin and wolfberry.



3. Anthocyanin:


Anthocyanins promote blood circulation in the capillaries, slow down degeneration of the macula and relieve eye fatigue.


Food sources rich in anthocyanin: red, purple, blue, black and other coloured fruits and vegetables, such as eggplant, blueberry and mulberry.



4. Vitamin A:


Vitamin A is rich in antioxidants, which can protect eyes and maintain good vision. It helps to protect the eye muscles and cornea from bacterial or viral infections.


Food sources rich in vitamin A: liver, egg yolks and dairy products.



5. Vitamin E:


Vitamin E helps to prevent eye deterioration and cataracts.


Food sources rich in vitamin E: almonds, sunflower seeds, and vegetable oils like flaxseed oil.



An all-in-one alternative:


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