Hair loss is a very common problem that affects both men and women and can adversely lower one’s self-esteem. Many myths about the causes of hair loss mostly stem from the fear of hair loss. Here are a few myths that you can stop worrying about.


Myth 1: Washing your hair daily causes hair loss.

COMPLETELY UNTRUE! How often you wash and shampoo your hair won’t result in hair loss or hair growth. While you shower and wash your hair, you simply notice the hair fall more acutely but this is just part of the regular hair shedding process.

A portion of our hair regenerates itself at any given time by falling out, staying dormant for a while and growing again. This is the normal hair growth cycle. However when balding happens, the hair that falls out can no longer be replaced due to the hair follicles dying off.



Myth 2: Wearing hats regularly can cause hair to fall out.

FALSE. The most common assumption is that the scalp needs to “breathe” and that wearing a hat can stifle it. This is not true at all. All the oxygen your hair follicles need for growth is derived from the bloodstream and not the surrounding air.

Feel free to wear a hat whenever you want, it won’t cause your hair to fall out! In fact, Hats are particularly handy to cover up thinning hair and bald spots on the top of the head. This may be why we associate hats with hair loss. One thing for sure is that wearing a hat does not speed up hair loss or affect growth in any way.



Myth 3: Stress causes hair loss.

ONLY PARTIALLY TRUE. While the typical everyday stress is not enough to cause hair loss, it is true that long-term suffering and illness have been linked to hair loss. According to studies, severe stress can cause your hair to go into a “hibernation phase” in which hair follicles pause to regenerate hair. Alopecia areata, a form of patchy hair loss, can develop as a result of this

Again, these types of hair loss are typically linked to severely traumatic events and not everyday stress triggered by work or family. Even so, the resulting hair loss, if any, is almost always temporary.



Myth 4: Only older people suffer from baldness.

FALSE. You may see the first signs of losing your hair in your twenties if you have a family history of hair loss. While the majority of men will start to experience the onset of male pattern baldness in their middle age, up to a quarter of men will experience the process before they even turned 21. But most people won't notice it until half of their hair is gone!



Myth 5: Hair loss only affects men.

FALSE. Women can and do experience hair loss! Some studies have shown that about 40% of people experiencing hair loss are women. However, the process of hair loss for women is largely different from men. Male pattern baldness typically starts at the top of the head with a receding hairline and continues until only a ring of hair is left around the back of the head. Women generally experience more even thinning of hair across the entire scalp and do not typically have receding hairlines.



A natural hair fall solution to consider:

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SHOKAIGAN Intensive Hair Growth Tonic

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Shokaigan Cool Shampoo

SHOKAIGAN Cool Shampoo leaves a cooling sensation on the scalp, making it an ideal choice for Singapore’s hot and humid weather. It is infused with Menthol, Cornmint oil and Orange Oil, which effectively clean out excess oil from scalp and leave a soothing effect. SHOKAIGAN Cool Shampoo is suitable for all hair and scalp types; and especially good for oily, itchy and sensitive scalps. Similar to SHOKAIGAN Intensive Scalp Therapy Shampoo EX, this new formula is also approved as Quasi drug in Japan, for its powerful effect in reducing hair loss and promoting hair growth.