When men reach mid age, they have similar "menopause" symptoms just as women do. Find out more about the changes men go through after mid age. Here are five symtoms to take note:

1. Mental stress and forgetfulness
Men after mid age appear to have slower thinking process and declined memory. It is not uncommon to see your men rage and lose their temper easily, too. Some tend to have feelings of loss and depression they themselves may not be aware.


2. Reduced physical strength
It is getting more difficult gaining and retaining lean muscle mass due to drop in men's testosterone levels after 40 years old.

3. Thinning hair and increased belly fat
Subsequently, they can experience unwanted changes such as weight gain, particularly tummy area and loss of hair and shrinking elasticity of the skin.

4. Loss of libido
The androgen levels decline with age, men's overall energy levels start to drop, leading to the loss of libido and decreased sexual drive.

5. Frequent urination and insomnia
Having disturbed sleep and often getting up at night to urinate. For senior men, the problems become more serious, some even have to run to the gents while working in the day time.