Does your face or body look swollen when you wake up in the morning? Here are 5 foods / drinks that will help you eliminate edema!

1) Watermelon

Watermelon has high water content, it has diuretic effect and can help reduce the swelling.

2) Green Tea

After breakfast, brew a cup of green tea to drink, the efficacy of caffeine, and catechins
can help reduce swelling looking face and eyes after 30 ~ 60 minutes.

3) Honey Water
The bad habit of late night sleep can lead to accumulation of toxins, and honey can help detox and drain the excess water in the body so that edema on the face and body can be reduced.

4) Apple vinegar

The pectin in apple vinegar promotes intestinal function and balances the body pH, which helps in weight loss and reduce water retention.

5) Adley seed
  Adley seed is listed in "The Divine Farmer's Herb-Root Classic", and can provide relieve for edema.