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HAPICA Toothbrush
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HAPICA Toothbrush

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How to replace battery?


How to use HAPICA?



Brushing technique

  1. Brush along gum line by placing the brush head at 45° along the gum line.
  2. Move the brush head in circular movements along the gum line. Apply slight pressure along the gum line and interdental spaces to ensure the bristles reach those areas for effective cleansing.
  3. Polish the teeth surface and grinding surface.
  4. Brush the inner surface of front teeth with gentle up-and-down strokes.

The optimal brushing duration is 3 minutes, at least twice daily. If you are using HAPICA Minus Ion, you may choose to clean your teeth with or without toothpaste.



Why should I change to HAPICA toothbrush?

Awarded 11 patents and the Good Design Award in Japan, the patented Hapi-Sonic™ technology of 7,000 times ultrasonic vibrations per minute with precision tapping is clinically proven to perform better than sonic toothbrushes with 31,000 vibrations per minute.
Highly durable and economical, the HAPICA sonic toothbrush is the ideal toothbrush for the whole family. The HAPICA sonic toothbrush gently massages the gum and teeth, protects tooth enamel, removes dental plaque and food debris safely and thoroughly.



I am currently using a manual toothbrush. Which HAPICA sonic toothbrush should I start with?


The HAPICA Minus Ion toothbrush has multiple benefits such as whitening, anti-odour, anti-plaque, anti-bacterial properties while improving gum circulation, due to the negative ions and far infrared rays emitted from the natural ceramics bristles. With these unparalleled cleansing benefits, it can be used even without toothpaste. For sensitive teeth and gum, the HAPICA Periodontal Ultra will be the perfect choice. While HAPICA Pinpoint will help braces wearers and people with wide teeth gaps to ensure complete removal of trapped food debris.



How do I use HAPICA toothbrush?


Wet the brush head on running water. Apply toothpaste on the bristles. Place the brush head into your mouth; turn on the power button at the bottom of the brush body. Brush along gum line by placing the brush head at 45° along the gum line, polish the teeth surface and grinding surface. The optimal brushing duration is 3 minutes, at least twice daily. If you are using HAPICA Minus Ion, you may choose to clean your teeth with or without toothpaste.



When should I replace the brush head?


Replace brush head when the bristles are splayed or bent, or when there is noticeable dirt on the bristles. Dental experts recommend changing once every three months or more regularly for good oral health. HAPICA’s replacement brush heads are interchangeable with any HAPICA toothbrush body.



Can I use toothpaste with HAPICA Minus Ion toothbrush?


If you wish to use toothpaste with HAPICA Minus Ion toothbrush, only 1/3 of the conventional toothpaste amount is sufficient.



How Satisfied Users have Benefited from HAPICA Ultrasonic Toothbrushes

- 茨城県・Tさま

"After using HAPICA, my red inflamed gums became a healthy pink colour. It also cleanses dental plaque effectively. The price is very affordable, with tremendous benefits! HAPICA is definitely much better than other expensive electronic toothbrushes that I have used before.”
- Takeshi, Ibaraki Prefecture


- 神奈川県・Yさま

"I purchased HAPICA at a pharmacy. It is much better than other electronic toothbrushes which tend to be expensive with too much vibrations and noise. HAPICA on the other hand is quieter, more comfortable and the price is also reasonable.”
- Yoko, Kanagawa Prefecture




The science behind HAPICA’s Hapi-Sonic™ technology

Clinical research by The Nippon Dental University, School of Dentistry
Junko Yusa, Hisahiro Kamoi, Kaori Sugamata, Sakurako Nakagawa and Kyuichi Kamoi. The effects of power brush “HAPICA” on oral hygiene. Clinical Report. 2001

The plaque removing effect, gum circulation, and the effect on the dentin were compared between 3 types of toothbrushes of different motions of the tip of the bristles

  1. HAPICA showed high plaque-removing effect in the whole anterior tooth region and the whole premolar region in the upper jaw compared with electric toothbrushes.
  2. HAPICA showed an accelerating effect on the blood flow just below the surface layer of gingival compared with electric toothbrushes.
  3. HAPICA showed almost no effect on the dentin.


HAPICA - Hapi-Sonic™ technology with 7,000 times vibration per minute and ultrafine tapping 

Brand A - Round brush head with high speed right-left repeated rotation of 8,400 times per minute

Brand B - Sonic toothbrush with ultra-high speed vibration of 31,000 times per minute


Comparison of plaque-removing effects

The plaque-removing rate in the whole oral cavity was 62.58±24.45% for HAPICA,  54.41±20.89% for Brand A, and 61.34±14.12% for Brand B. Hapica with Hapi-Sonic™ technology of 7,000 times  ultrasonic vibrations per minute and ultrafine tapping motions demonstrated better plaque removing compared to Brand B with 31,000 times sonic vibrations per minute.    


Evaluation on temperature of gingival surface  

With Hapica, the temperature of the surface layer of gingival was almost the same before use and it increased more than 1°C after 30 seconds of usage. The ultrafine tapping motion of HAPICA massages gums, accelerates blow flow and microcirculatory function of gingival. The high speed rotary motion of Brand A produced only slightly acceleration in the blood flow of gum surface area. With Brand B, the temperature of the surface layer of gingival decreased immediately after use but increased after 30 seconds. The decreased in gum temperature indicated decreased blood flow to the gum surface, this is presumed to be attributed by the ultra-high speed of 31,000 times vibrations per minute by Brand B.    


Evaluation on dentin

HAPICA's Hapi-Sonic™ technology showed almost no effect on dentin. The high speed rotary motion of Brand A scrubbed the tooth surface creating smeared pieces and foreign bodies from dentin. Brand B removed foreign bodies and polished tooth


Clinical Research by State University of New York, School of Dental Medicine
Othman Shibly, Robert E. Schifferle, Sebastian G. Ciancio, Majd Tarakji and Maryanne L.Mather. Clinical Comparison of 2 electric toothbrush designs. 1996

A single blind 30 days study compared the reduction of plaque and gingivitis for the HAPICA Powerbrush to the Interplak ultra 10 tuft. A longitudinal parallel group design was utilized and screening evaluation was performed to determine patient eligibility prior to study enrollment. 66 subjects were entered into the study and assigned to 1 of 2 groups, each using one of the toothbrushes. At baseline, subjects received an oral soft tissue exam, a dental hard tissue exam, and were scored by the Lobene modification of the Löe and Silness gingival index (GI). Plaque was then disclosed and scored both pre and post brushing using the modified Turesky plaque/ debris examination and an interproximal bleeding examination was performed post-brushing. On day 15 and 30, after an oral soft tissue and GI examination, plaque was graded by the Modified Turesky plaque/ debris exam. Subjects then brushed and were graded by the Modified Turesky plaque/ debris examination and an interproximal bleeding index examination. The results showed that both brushes provided a similar change in clinical indices. All produced a statistically significant reduction from baseline to day 30 for the gingival index (26.5-29.1%), the bleeding index (13.8-24.1%), and the plaque index (16.9-19.4%). A comparison of pre and post brushing scores for the plaque index at 30 showed that both brushes reduced plaque similarly with a statistically significant reduction (P<0.05) from their pre-brushing plaque index scores at all time period.


Natural Ceramics


Natural Ceramics (N-Sera) is quartz schist formed 20 million years ago after the occurrence of massive earth movements of two plates. Based on hypothesis of geologists, Natural Ceramics were generated within the super-hot and ultra-high pressure at Ryoke Metamorphic Belt along Median Tectonic Line. It composes mainly of Silica (84%) with a crystalline structure. Moreover, it has high density and resistant level. It excellently resists chemical, heat, and impact, and also it emits negative ions and far infrared while providing anti-deodorizing effect. Based on the test conducted by Japan Far Infrared Association (JIRA), Natural Ceramics bristles emit far infrared naturally.

The presence of Natural Ceramics is only limited to part of Aichi Prefecture, and there is no other kind of structure in the world that is comparable to its excellent properties. The unique feature of Natural Ceramics is highly praised by Dr. Gene Simmons from Massachusetts Institute of Technology who specializes in analysis of moon rocks. The innovative and creative toothbrush specialists from HAPICA recognize the benefits of Natural Ceramics in dental care, and input the benefits in HAPICA Minus Ion series for an absolutely professional dental product.


Superior Cleansing Ability by HAPICA's Natural Ceramics Bristles

HAPICA depicted superior cleansing ability as compared to normal bristles.


Tested by official institute recognized by Japan Government


HAPICA's Antibacterial Bristles Eliminate Harmful Bacteria Growth

99.99% bacteria resistant compared to normal bristles, HAPICA's antibacterial bristles have high antibacterial effect against the three common types of bacteria found in conventional toothbrush bristles.


Tested by official institute recognized by Japan Government


HAPICA Minus Ion - The ultimate toothbrush for your dental needs

HAPICA Minus Ion is the ultimate brush for sparkling teeth and healthy gum. The combinations of Hapi-Sonic™ 7,000 times ultrasonic vibration and special mineral-coated natural ceramics bristles offer professional dental care at home. Clinically proven, HAPICA Minus Ion gives beaming results by removing dental plaque, freshen your breath and helps prevent periodontal diseases. HAPICA Minus Ion is your definite choice for daily oral care. The superior cleansing and anti-odour actions are effective, even without the use of toothpaste.

Ultrasonic vibrations from patented Hapi-Sonic™ technology provides superior plaque removing and cleaning abilities compared to sonic toothbrushes with 31,000 vibrations per minute.


Special Mineral-coated natural ceramics bristles emit negative ions and far infrared for anti-odour, anti-plaque and anti-stain properties.

Provide “air vitamins” and bond to positive ions from plaque and stains on teeth surfaces, resulting in whiter, cleaner teeth.

HAPICA's unique bristles naturally emit far infrared to promote better gum circulation and improve gum health.

99.9% bacteria-resistant compared to normal bristles. HAPICA’s anti-bacterial bristles are effective against the 3 common types of bacteria found on conventional toothbrush bristles. Anti-bacterial effects prevent bacteria growth on brush heads.

Better cleansing compared to normal bristles without damaging tooth enamel.

Soft, round-ended bristles are non-abrasive on tooth enamel and prevent receding gum line from hard manual brushing. Special cut bristles reach gum pockets and protect tooth enamel.

Shock and water resistant. Safe for the whole family. It has been tested by the Technology Research Institute of Osaka Perfecture, Japan, to meet the stringent requirements of Japanese Safety and Industrial Standard.

HAPICA Minus Ion - The ultimate brush that removes plaque and keeps breath fresh

  • Ultrasonic vibrations for deep cleansing plus precision tapping massage action
  • Natural ceramics bristles protect tooth enamel 
  • Negative Ions remove dental plaque, whiten teeth and reduce bad breath 
  • Far Infrared stimulates gum circulation and promotes gum health
  • Anti-bacterial bristles prevent bacteria growth on bristles
  • Special cut bristles access hard-to-reach areas 
  • Anti-odour effect refreshes your mouth even without toothpaste

Do you experience these symptoms?


Gums which bleed easily
Swollen, painful gums caused by plaque accumulation
Persistent bad breath
Pockets between teeth and gum
Sensitive teeth and receding gum line

Above are symptoms of periodontal disease. Periodontal diseases also referred to as "gum diseases", lead to discomfort, receding gums and tooth loss. Daily brushing helps remove dental plaque but incorrect brushing or using the wrong toothbrush often leaves dental plaque hardening into calculus that causes gum disease. 

To prevent gum disease, American Dental Association recommends brushing at least twice daily with interdental cleansing at least once every day. Early stage of gum disease is reversible with professional cleansing and good daily dental care at home. Avoid brushing your teeth too hard, choose a good sonic vibration toothbrush that has soft bristles, and look for fine bristles that can clean your teeth and gum gently and thoroughly.



Unlike manual back and forth brushing or rotating electronic brush heads, Hapi-Sonic™'s gentle vibrations and super soft bristles do not irritate or cause bleeding to sensitive gum tissue
Compact brush head with intelligent special-cut design bristles access hard-to-reach areas between teeth, gum pockets and back teeth to ensure thorough cleaning
Precision tapping motion promotes better gum circulation and delays receding gum line

HAPICA Periodontal Ultra - Super gentle sonic toothbrush for the most comfortable dental care

  • Intelligent special-cut ultrafine bristles and ultra compact brush head effectively remove food particles and plaque along gum line, gum pockets and back teeth
  • Super gentle on sensitive teeth and gum
  • Massages gum to stimulate gum circulation and promote gum health 

HAPICA Pinpoint is specially designed to effectively reach all narrow corners and surfaces of your teeth. Unlike manual interdental toothbrushes, HAPICA Pinpoint's ultrasonic vibrations absorb excess pressure on delicate gum and teeth surface. It effortlessly and gently gets rid of plaque and food debris completely. 


Reaches thoroughly where dental floss cannot reach, including back teeth. It cleanses gaps and uneven surfaces between teeth
HAPICA Pinpoint is highly durable yet superfine. Its 0.7mm bristles are capable in cleaning at all angles


Revolutionary automatic interdental brush with 7,000 times ultrasonic vibrations ensure thorough removal of trapped particles between your teeth
Small brush size for comfortable cleaning even for front teeth
Durable and flexible nozzle bends freely at all angles for effective cleaning

 HAPICA Pinpoint - Automatic Interdental Cleaning

  • Superfine bristles cleanse the narrowest interdental gaps, crowns and braces effectively and comfortably
  • Revolutionary interdental brush with ultrasonic technology removes the finest particles trapped in hard-to-reach areas


HAPICA Hapi-Sonic™ technology
Patented Hapi-Sonic™ technology combines 7,000 times ultrasonic vibrations per minute with precision tapping. It is clinically proven to perform better than sonic toothbrushes with 31,000 vibrations per minute. The technology taps on gum and teeth, creating sonic waves that form micro-bubbles to reach areas where normal toothbrushes cannot possibly reach.

Hapi-Sonic™ powered - Ultrasonic with Precision Tapping Motion
When HAPICA sonic toothbrushes were launched in 1986, they became a huge hit in Japan due to its superior dental cleansing ability and high durability at an affordable price. 100% Japan made, the uncompromised quality from material selection, design and construction of HAPICA sonic toothbrushes to HAPICA’s patented Hapi-Sonic™ Technology has earned international recognition and approval from various dental associations around the world.

11 patents awarded for product reliability & safety, design, ultrasonic vibrations with tapping motions & more
Accredited by American Dental Association and France National Dental Health Commission
Clinically researched by The Nippon Dental University & State University of New York      
Good Design Award in Japan 
Tested by Technology Research Institute of Osaka Prefecture, Japan to meet the stringent requirement of Japanese Safety and Industrial Standard
Resistant to shock and water. Safe for whole family.



Content: 1 HAPICA sonic toothbrush body, 1 AA heavy duty battery  


1 unit

Title HAPICA Toothbrush

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