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Shokaigan Amino Acid Cool Shampoo

Shokaigan Amino Acid Cool Shampoo

No. 1 Functional Health Supplements in Singapore

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Product Code: AFC527
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Date of manufacture 11/2015

You’re spoilt for choice when shopping for hair shampoo; but did you know that mass market shampoos often contain petrochemical derivatives that severely stress the hair follicles, scalp and oil glands, leading to early hair loss?
In addition, these shampoos may also contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) that strips hair of its moisture, leaving it dry and weak.
Chemical damage to hair follicles and oil glands interrupt the blood flow, resulting in flaky and itchy scalp. Under such “stressful” condition, the hair follicles shrink in size, causing hair strands to shed prematurely; while the oil glands swell and secrete more oil in response to the harsh detergents, clogging up the already shrunken hair follicles.



Healthier growth and stronger hair with each cooling wash

The newest addition to the AFC SHOKAIGAN Scalp Therapy Series from Japan, SHOKAIGAN Cool Shampoo is a unique blend of 15 amino acids and Licorice Root Extract, infused with energising botanical extracts and refreshing essential oils to gently cleanse and refresh scalp; while richly nourishing to rehydrate and strengthen hair.


How Does It Work?

SHOKAIGAN Cool Shampoo is an approved Quasi-drug in Japan, scientifically proven to reduce hair loss and prime scalp for a healthier hair growth.

Proven benefits:

Energise hair bulb, reduce hair loss and thinning

Revive hair and scalp with a refreshing sensation

Remove sebum build-up and unclog hair follicles

Calm itchy and sensitive scalp

Reinforce and strengthen hair for added density



The prime ingredients that deliver its proven benefits

Menthol & Cornmint oil
• Calm and soothe itchy or sensitive scalp
• Cleanse excess sebum from scalp
• Keep hair fresh and soft all day



Licorice Root Extract
• Strong anti-bacterial properties
• Soothe itchy scalp and inflammation
• Improve scalp condition and prevent dandruff formation
• Promote hair growth and reduce hair loss



Orange oil
• Remove odour of sweat and oil
• Moisturise hair and scalp




Seaweed extract
• Promote hair growth
• Moisturise, smooth and soften hair




Sakura leaves extract
• Moisturise and soothe scalp
• Thicken and strengthen hair for a fuller volume




15 amino acids
• The building block of hair protein
• Promote hair growth
• Cleanse scalp gently yet thoroughly without stripping away moisture
• Nourish and moisturise hair
• Restore elasticity and strength to hair



The cool factors of SHOKAIGAN Cool Shampoo


1. Gentle on scalp, strong in reducing hair thinning
Comprising a plethora of hair-friendly active ingredients, SHOKAIGAN Cool Shampoo is a plant-based formula that combines 15 Amino Acids, Licorice Root Extract, Menthol, Cornmint oil, Orange oil and Botanical Extracts, to strengthen hair from root to tip and nourish scalp. It promotes healthy hair growth and reduces hair thinning, while purifying and refreshing scalp to keep hair fresh and manageable.

2. Refreshing, minty sensation
SHOKAIGAN Cool Shampoo is formulated with Menthol and Cornmint oil for a cool, refreshing sensation. Experience the calming effect on itchy or sensitive scalp as it gently cleanses. Excellent for use after sports or during the hot weather.

3. Free from harsh ingredients
Regular shampoo contains harsh cleansing agents like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), synthetic chemicals, Silicone, mineral oil and artificial fragrance. These can clog hair follicle and prevent nutrients from penetrating into the hair and scalp, leading to premature hair loss.

SHOKAIGAN Cool Shampoo is SLS-free and silicone-free; it contains plant-derived amino acids that deeply nourish for more resilient hair and prime scalp for healthy hair growth. As the excess oils are removed and follicles unclogged, the essential oils and botanical extracts can nourish and moisturise the roots and hair; adding shine and volume to the hair, while keeping it light and manageable.


4. Proven effectiveness
Developed from the highly successful SHOKAIGAN formula that has sold over 1.5 million bottles in Japan, SHOKAIGAN Cool Shampoo is researched and formulated by Nihon Preventive Medical Laboratory, Japan and approved a Quasi-drug by the Japanese health authority.


Optimising efficacy

For optimum result in enhancing hair growth, complement SHOKAIGAN Cool Shampoo with SHOKAIGAN Intensive Hair Growth Tonic.
SHOKAIGAN Intensive Hair Growth Tonic contains pure botanical extracts from more than 20 plants, including a proprietary blend of Yarrow and Sage extracts to improve micro-circulation for healthy hair growth. Other key ingredients are Swertia Japonica extract which helps to block the formation of DHT, a common cause of hair loss; as well as Ginseng Extract and Vitamin E to stimulate hair shaft activity for thicker, fuller hair.

SHOKAIGAN Cool Shampoo is recommended for:
• Itchy and sensitive scalp
• Improving hair and scalp health
• Individuals with weak hair and hair thinning concerns
• Those who want to improve hair condition to prevent premature hair loss
• Ideal for hot weather or after sports
• Suitable for men and women of all hair types

Contents: 400ml

5 ( 5 / 5 )
My hair tend to be very oily and scalp gets itchy especially when the weather is very hot like recently. This shampoo is perfect for me, it leaves my hair feel clean and less itchy! The mint cooling sensation is so refreshing!
5 ( 5 / 5 )
I like the cooling effect after using the Shokaigan Cool Shampoo. I do have both Shokaigan Shampoo and Shokaigan Cool Shampoo. I will use Shokaigan Cool Shampoo whenever the weather is hot or after exercising. It made me feel fresh and “cool” after each hair wash.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
My hair used to be thin and dull. After using Shokaigan shampoo daily for about a month, I noticed my hair starts to regain its lustre. I love the aroma and I’m really happy with the improvement.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Great. I love the aroma!

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