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FlexC CARE 10ml


About 350 million people worldwide suffer from joint disorder. The causes of pain include joint degeneration (a sign of ageing), inflammation, injury or just simply wear and tear from years of walking and running.
Besides the joints, muscle ache or cramp is another form of discomfort which can develop in almost all parts of the body. Muscle aches are commonly caused by stress and tension, overstrain or minor injuries sustained during exercise or physically demanding tasks.

Maintaining flexible joints and healthy mucles are vital for pain-free movement and mobility.


A joint is the connection between bones in the body, made up of five tissues: bones, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, synovium and synovial fluid. Injury or damage to any of these tissues will lead to joint discomfort such as pain, stiffness, swelling or a grinding sensation between the joints.

Years of walking, moving and exercising can take a toll on the joints and muscles, resulting in pain, stiffness and limited range of movement. Day-to-day activities such as bending over to tie a shoe lace, rising from a chair or taking a short walk may become a difficult and impact the quality of life. Hence, healthy joints and muscles are imperative for maintaining joint flexibility and mobility.


1) Cartilage loss and bone erosion – can be caused by ageing, years of walking and sports

2) Tendon injury /degeneration – can be caused by ageing, repetitive overuse or overstretching during sports or daily activities. E.g. golfing and shovelling.

3) Ligament injury / degeneration – can be caused by sharp change in direction, wrong landing from a jump or a blunt force on the knee. E.g. a football tackle.

4) Inflammation of the synovial membrane – can be caused by overuse of joint, history of trauma or injury, or abnormal immune response.

Inflammation could lead to thickened tissue, increased blood flow to the area and increased fluid production, resulting in joint pain, tenderness & swelling



Muscle discomfort due to muscle injury is common, symptoms include pain, weakness, bruising, swelling, spasms and cramps.

  1. Injury from overuse – common among athletes playing competitive sports such as hockey, football, soccer, boxing
  2. Repetitive motion injury – common among data entry typists or heavy manual labourers working on routine tasks
  3. Muscle strains, pulls or tears – can be caused by accident, falls, sudden twisting motions and athletic activities
  4. Improper warm up and cool down – common cause of muscle strains among athletes
  5. Poor posture – unnatural body positions place strain on muscles, e.g. leaning on one leg, slouching in a chair, wearing high heels etc.

The First-Ever Bioactive Peptide Serum!

FlexC CARE Transdermal Bioactive Peptide Serum is the ‘must-have’ joint and muscle care for active and pain-free mobility. It is formulated with bioactive tetrapeptides and pentapeptides* which are developed with fermentation, hydrolysis and proprietary purification technologies to produce concentrated yet micro-molecular peptides that penetrate deeply and rapidly through the skin to effect relief to the affected areas.

*tetrapeptide is a protein peptide consisting of four amino acids and pentapeptide with five amino acids

What are Bioactive Peptides?
Bioactive Peptides are short chains of amino acids which send signals to targeted cells in the joints (e.g. cartilage cells, tendon cells) to stimulate the production of extracellular matrix (ECM) (e.g. collagen) and growth factor, both of which are important for the regeneration and repair of the joint tissues.

This scientific breakthrough formulation stimulates synthesis of extracellular matrix (ECM), including Type I & II collagens, fibronectin and growth factors, which are crucial for supporting healthy joint structures and muscles. In addition, the bioactive peptides of FlexC CARE also possess anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects to support self-repair of the joints and muscles as well as support skin health by boosting skin vitality and metabolism.

In serum form, it spreads easily and effectively. A smalldrop goes a long way.

Unprecedented benefits of FlexC CARE serum
✓ Support rapid relief from joint & muscle pain
✓ Support healthy inflammatory response
✓ Support recovery from a sprain or sports injury
✓ Stimulate ECM production to support repair and rebuild joint structures and muscles
✓ Rejuvenate, nourish and strengthen joints and muscles
✓ Support joint flexibility & active movement


What Makes FlexC CARE Superior?

• Fast absorption & deep penetration – The small Bioactive Peptides penetrate the skin and permeate to the targeted tissues to exert therapeutic and rejuvenating effects
• High concentration and Efficacy – Peptides have to be of a certain concentration to effect any benefit. FlexC CARE’s bioactive peptides are highly concentrated, only a small dosage is sufficient to produce big effects.
• Quick, long-lasting relief – Soothes discomfort within hours of application
• High purity & Safety – Bioactive Peptides are produced and purified with advanced technologies in Japan which passed SGS (safety & quality) test
• 100% free of steroids – Gentle on skin, can be applied multiple times a day. Suitable for all types of skin, including sensitive skins.
• Recognised by medical clinics around the world
• Non-greasy, non-sticky – Does not stain clothes, no sticky feeling after application


FlexC CARE serum is highly recommended for:

Painful, inflamed or stiff joints due to worn-out or injured cartilage, tendons or ligaments
Painful spurs on the sole
Muscle strain, aches & cramps and sprains
 Athletes, gym-goers or active individuals (e.g. jogging, running, hiking, cycling, playing basketball, martial arts etc.)
Obese or overweight whose weight can put a burden on knee joints and increase risk of cartilage loss
 Physically demanding jobs (e.g. construction, agriculture, cleaning and retail sectors)
 Middle-aged or elderly
 Family history of joint disorders
 History of physical injuries or accidents which may increase the risk of future joint problems)
 Rotator cuff injury* (e.g. stiff shoulder)

Suitable to be used on joints and muscles at all body parts, including knee, back, hip, shoulder, neck, elbow, ankle, wrist, heel, hands, thigh, calf, feet, fingers, toes etc.

 # A rotator cuff injury is usually a strain or tear of the rotator cuff - the muscles, tendons and joint capsule that stabilises the shoulder. This injury can cause a dull ache on the shoulder and often worsen when one tries to sleep on the injured side.


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