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OmaxPure DHA76 + VisionREGAIN x 2 OmaxPure DHA76 + VisionREGAIN x 2
-35 %
Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: 72-208102-S
VisionREGAIN is an international award-winning eye supplement formulated with the most researched eye health micronutrients in functional dosage. Taking 1 softgel a day offers intensive protection against blue light, support visual clarity and reduce eye strain. OmaxPure DHA76 is the most concent..
S$128.00 S$197.90
Ex Tax:S$118.52
OmaxPure Omega-3 Fish Oil
-22 %
Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: 12-209000-N
  How to Choose the Best Fish Oil in Singapore   Because our body cannot produce omega-3 on its own, many turn to fish oil to supplement to solve this deficiency. This also means that we should be looking out for the omega-3 mass in the fish oil. Omega-3 has powerful be..
S$73.90 S$94.90
Ex Tax:S$68.43
-16 %
Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: 12-803100-N
  To maximize the potency and efficacy of VesseCLEAR CX, the ingredients are separated into divided dosages instead of being combined into a single veggie capsule. You can definitely take all 3 veggie capsules at the same time, but it will be optimal to follow the above-mentioned sche..
S$46.90 S$55.90
Ex Tax:S$43.43
-25 %
Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: 72-802031-S
Since plaque build-up and blood clots are major contributing factors of blocked arteries, poor circulation and cardiovascular diseases, maintaining healthy blood vessels clear of harmful clots is crucial in lowering these risks and sudden death.     VesseCLEAR EX & Ves..
S$79.90 S$106.40
Ex Tax:S$73.98
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