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Biogenics 16

-15% Biogenics 16

No. 1 Functional Health Supplements in Singapore

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improve colon health

“Every individual’s good bacteria strain is uniquely different from another. External lactobacilli not recognised by the body will be attacked and destroyed if they are not the body’s intestinal good bacteria.”
Dr. Hiromi Shinya
World-renowned Gastroenterologist



Did you know good health begins with clean intestines?

Unknown to many, our intestinal health directly affects and determines our overall health. Many health problems and discomforts are results of an unhealthy gut. This is because trillions of bacteria – good, bad and neutral bacteria reside in our gastrointestinal system. A balanced gut flora ratio comprising more good bacteria keeps us in top form; but when this balance is upset by large amounts of bad bacteria, symptoms of poor health begin to surface.

biogenics is good for your immunity

biogenics improve the floral of your gut

According to Dr Hiromi Shinya, who is a pioneer of modern colonoscopic techniques and author of many bestselling books in Asia, every individual’s good bacteria strain is uniquely different from another.

“The human body has a defence system against bacteria and viruses coming from the outside, so even those bacteria that are normally good for your body, like lactobacilli will be attacked and destroyed by the body’s natural defences if they are not the body’s own intestinal bacteria.”

Dr Hiromi Shinya, world renowned gastroenterologist

Thus, consuming regular probiotics is not as effective as naturally growing the body’s good bacteria. Biogenics 16 is a breakthrough formula that helps your body multiply its own good bacteria and combat the bad. Stay in the pink of health with a naturally healthy gastrointestinal system.


how healthy are your intestines?

The Royal Society of Medicine, U.K. reported that almost 90% of most chronic diseases are caused by an unhealthy gastrointestinal system, primarily in the colon.

colon biogenics improve your good bacteria



The amazing benefits of LAB Fermented Extract

What is an ideal intestinal microflora?

An ideal intestinal microflora is made up of a huge diversity and healthy balance with a large number of good bacteria in the intestines to make different types of substances that are important for the body.


improve ibs 

\biogenics is a breakthrough in your gut health defence

Biogenics 16 targets the root cause of many health problems - unhealthy intestines. Developed with advanced LAB probiotics technology based on 100 years of research and cultured through a 12-month fermentation period; Biogenics 16 improves the gut environment to proliferate the body’s own good bacteria while inhibiting the bad and converting neutral bacteria into beneficial ones. A cutting-edge formula of Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) Fermented Extract consisting of bacterial secretions and body substances of 16 strains of LAB, extracted through a patented extraction process; it is distinctly different from probiotics or prebiotics.

Biogenics 16 is trusted by leading healthcare practitioners in more than 1700 clinics in Japan. It is now gaining increasing attention for its applications in various health-related disciplines.


• Cleanse intestinal waste and promote healthy gut flora
• Help conditions relating to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
• Help improve skin conditions and soothe eczema
• Support blood purification and detoxification
• Promote vitality and strong immunity
• Help mitigate effects of carcinogens and oxidation
• Help reduce the production of uremic toxins in the intestines to support kidney health
• Promote oral health

*Fully backed by clinical trials

Biogenics 16 is highly recommended for individuals with these conditions:
• Poor gastrointestinal health and irregular bowel movements
• Allergies
• Poor skin complexion
• Poor immunity
• Poor urinary tract health
• Poor oral health
Chronic fatigue
• High health risk


Suitable for vegetarians
Contents: 10ml x 15 sachets

efficacy of biogenics 16 LAB

LAB Fermented Extract improves diversity and balance the total number of body’s own intestinal bacteria

Our body’s own intestinal bacteria will produce essential substances to support healthy body. LAB Fermented Extract changes intestinal microflora (community of microorganisms living in the intestines). The colours in the following diagram represent the different bacteria strains while the size of the circle denotes the total number of bacteria. 


Comparison of colonoscopy before and after taking LAB Fermented Extract



1. Case studies on the effects of LAB Fermented Extract on intestinal environment
by Dr Hiromi Shinya- Clinical Professor, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA

Dr Hiromi Shinya is a pioneer of modern colonoscopic techniques who invented the electrosurgical polypectomy snare. He is also the author of many bestselling books in Asia. Dr Shinya has been practising for over four decades, his patients include political leaders and celebrities in Japan and the USA.

Below are 2 case studies that show improvement in the intestinal environment after consumption of LAB Fermented Extract.

intestines of people who have consumed biogenics• Improvement in intestinal environment
• Improvement in immunity
• Improvement in bowel irregularity




2. Clinical study on the effects of LAB Fermented Extract on eczema conditions
by Dr. Shigehiro Tsuchiya- Tsuchiya Hospital (Koriyama City)

Two subjects aged 7 and 9 years old, with eczema conditions were administered LAB Fermented Extract. The results were recorded over a period of 2 months.

The rashes on both subjects improved gradually. Marks were no longer visible after 2 months. Subjects did not experience relapse.

ikmprovement in skin condition after consuming biogenics

3. Case studies on the beneficial effects on skin texture
Study conducted on 60 female subjects by Tokiko Clinic, Japan

Female subjects aged between 30 and 70 were asked to consume LAB Fermented Extract for three months to observe their skin quality during that period.

As shown in the images, it is observed that the sulcus, or grooves in the skin for the various age groups have straightened. The points of intersection (where the sulcus cross over to form triangular or diamond-shape hills) have also increased. The larger the number of ‘hills’, the smoother the skin will appear.

4. Case study on the beneficial effects on pregnancy discomforts
by Dr Kayo Sato, Fukuoka Prefectural University

18 subjects were administered with LAB Fermented Extract. Results showed significant improvements in the symptoms experienced during pregnancy.



biogenics pregnacy graph

5. Case study on the beneficial effects on bowel movement
Conducted by Seikokai Health Clinic, Contract Research Organization

The beneficial effect of LAB Fermented Extracted was observed after two weeks. Results showed an increase in stool quantity and the frequency of bowel movement.

6. Clinical study on the beneficial effect on intestinal environment
by Prof. Noboru Furukawa, Laboratory of Livestock Product Utilization, Tokyo University of Agriculture


7. Clinical study on the beneficial effects on intestinal immunity

by Dr. Toru Abu, Nigata University Graduate School

The beneficial effect of LAB Fermented Extract was observed after one week. Results showed that the number of immune cells (IELs, NK1.1+T cells and IFN-ɣ)  in the intestine have increased. This suggests that LAB Fermented Extract enhances immune defense; effectively protect against autoimmune disease and various types of allergic problems.











8. Case study on the beneficial effects on the progress of renal failure

by Dr. Akira Kawashima - Associate Professor, Kidney Center, Tokyo Women’s Medical College, and The Tokyo Women’s Medical College attachment Aoyama woman natural medical laboratory.

Four patients on maintenance dialysis were administered LAB Fermented Extract once per day for one year.  After one year, the production of uremic toxins (serum indoxyl sulfate, BUN and P) in the intestinal tract decreased. These study suggested that LAB Fermented Extract is potentially useful for improving protein metabolism and controlling the maintenance-phase of renal failure.


9. Clinical study on the beneficial effects on colon carcinogenesis

by Dr. Takehiko Fujino, Rheology Research Laboratory and Institute of Health Science, Kyushu University

The results indicated that in comparison to the non-administration group, the rate of incidence of colonic adenoma and colon cancer and the number of tumours were significantly inhibited in the LAB Fermented Extract administration group.

colon cancer

10. Clinical study on the beneficial effects on NK cell activation and immunoregulation

by Prof. Noboru Furukawa, Laboratory of Livestock Product Utilization Department of Animal Science Tokyo University of Agriculture

Result showed that LAB Fermented Extract stimulates NK cell activity (immune cell) when there is some form of stimulus, such as tumor cells in the immune system. No excessive response occurs if the immune system is normal.

11. Case study on the beneficial effects on the risk of oral caries

by Dr. Yoshinori Ochiai – Executive Director, Ochiai Dental Clinic

LAB Fermented Extract resulted in the reduction in the risk of oral caries. This was induced by the improvement of the intestinal environment which is a consequence of the improvement of salivary function. The fact that satisfactory results were obtained in this study by improving the intestinal environment suggests that oral condition is influenced not only by oral factors, but by the intestinal environment as well.

12. Case study on the beneficial effects of LAB Fermented Extract

compiled by B and S Corporation Co. Ltd (Partner: Maternitybics Association)

88 female and 3 male subjects ingested 10ml of LAB Fermented Extract per day for 1 month and were tested pre and post-ingestion for constipation, fecal odor, flatulence odor, fatigue, shoulder muscle stiffness, arousal and skin condition.


The results indicated that by taking LAB Fermented Extract, 70% of respondents experienced an improvement in constipation, 88% improvement in fecal odor, 84% improvement in flatulence odor, 46% improvement in fatigue, 58% improvement in shoulder muscle stiffness, 67% improvement in arousal and 78% improvement in skin condition.


13. Case study on the beneficial effects on female beauty
by Dr. Shintaro Hashimoto, Daimyo-cho Skin Clinic

case studies

14. Clinical study on the beneficial effects on the propagation of Bifidobacterium in the intestine

compiled by N and S Corporation, Hachioji Research Laboratory

From this study, we can assume the significant increase in good bacteria, namely Bifidobacterium and other indigenous bacteria in the intestine of the test subjects as a result of taking LAB Fermented Extract. Further, the increase in acetic acid, has the effects of inhibiting the growth of bad bacteria, we can also assume that LAB Fermented Extract tends to bring about an improvement in the internal environment of the intestines.

biogenics increase bacteria

Biogenics 16, the leader in LAB fermented extract

1. High strength with 16 unique strains of LAB
Advanced co-cultivation of 16 specially selected strains of LAB creates competition among the bacteria, thereby strengthening and enhancing their performance and antibacterial mechanism.
2. High resilience, high performance LAB
Biogenics 16 uses top grade, organic non-GMO soya bean broth as a culture medium to cultivate LAB. The di fficulty for bacteria to replicate in this culture medium activates their survival capacity, thereby resulting in high quality LAB.

3. High quality and high potency with controlled fermentation process

4. High safety

Biogenics 16 is extracted using a patented extraction technology forQuality Contorol for biogenics the best quality. It is safe and suitable for people of all ages. No sugar, additives, pesticide, colouring nor flavouring are added.

5. Strong heritage and trusted results

Biogenics 16 is the result of 100 years of research in LAB fermentation and backed by extensive clinical trials. Healthcare practitioners in over 850 clinics in Japan trust and recognise the benefits of Biogenics 16.


Background & Discovery of Biogenics 16
The late Dr. Kazuyoshi Masagaki (1901-1985), a renowned Microbiologist in Japan, devoted his life to continue the works of his father, Dr Kakutaro Masagaki who was the first person to manufacture yogurt in Kyoto, Japan. Around 1945, Dr. Kazuyoshi Masagaki noticed that Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) in our body would not replicate even when yogurt was consumed. Instead, he noticed that the secretions and substances of the LAB bacteria is an ideal medium to facilitate the natural replication of LAB bacteria in the body.

In 1970, he successfully produced an extract of the efficacious substance known as LAB Fermented Extract or Biogenics.


Size 10ml x 15sachets
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Biogenic has been my fast relief whenever I have stomach upset or diarrhea. Just take 1 sachet a day and the liquid is easy to swallow. 1 box has 15 sachets which provide me with 15 doses of instant remedy.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
I mix FloraGenesis with Biogenic together to achieve the maximum result as I was told by the nutritionist and within a week my constant diarrhea has reduced significantly. My itching and red skin also have cleared up a lot too. I am very happy with the result.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
I've tried several probiotics products, but Biogenics16 is the one that gives me the most satisfactory results. My bowel movements has improved and I no longer suffer from constipation. In addition, my immune system has even strengthened.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
I've been suffering from Irritable Bowel Sydrome for many years. After consuming Biogenics16, I saw significant improvements to my condition. Symptoms such as cramping, bloating etc has reduced. Thank you seller for such an effective product!
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Hello !!! Everyone.. One year skin developed red rashes and it got worse My dermatologist confirmed PSORIASIS I knew it is more to do with my unhealthy gut will have lots of problems !!!! From skin ezcemas to psoriasis...bad constipation to inflammation in the body...all result from unhealthy gut I refuse immunosuppression for Psoriasis because if I can turn my gut into healthy gut....IT WILL SOLVED MY SKIN PROBLEM True enough...I took BIOGENIC 16....and see tremendous improvement in my skin within 2 weeks !!! I AM STILL CONTINUING DRINKING BIOGENIC 16 TO SEE MORE IMPROVEMENT IN MY BODY IN WEEKS TO COME !!!! DONT GIVE UP !!!!!!

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