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2 x Biogenic + Fiber GG

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2 x Biogenic + Fiber GG
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2 x Biogenic + Fiber GG

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Biogenics 16 Active ingredient per 1 sachet:

Lactobacillus Fermentation Extract 1.2ml, Citric Acid 0.10ml, Lactic Acid 0.05ml


Fiber GG Active ingredient per 1 sachet:

7g SunfiberTM (Partially Hydrolyzed Guar Gum), 10 Billion CFU FloraGG® (Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG)



Most Researched Probiotic & Prebiotic

FiberGG combines the most researched probiotic strain(l. rhamnosus GG) and prebiotic (Sunfiber) to support everyday digestive balance and bowel regularity. Taking it daily offers gentle everyday bowel regularity and helps strengthen the immunity.

LAB Fermented Extract
(Pre-digested Probiotics)

Biogenics 16 is a breakthrough formula that helps your body multiply the good bacteria (l. rhamnosus GG from FiberGG) and combat the bad. Biogenics 16 also contains the friendly bacteria bodies to feed the immunity cells.


Why do I need FiberGG?

• Restore good bacteria in body for immune recovery
• Replenish fiber intake to supports bowel regularity
• Helps food move at the right pace
• Improves occasional constipation & diarrhea

Why do I need Biogenics 16?

• Cleanse intestinal waste and promote healthy gut flora
• Help conditions relating to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
• Help improve skin conditions and soothe eczema

Taken together, Biogenics 16 multiplies
the probiotic in FiberGG

FiberGG gives 10 billion Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, the most researched probiotic strain in the world and one which is also naturally present in our own intestines. Take with Biogenics 16 to further multiply and boost the Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG good bacteria, overall good bacteria count and diversity in the body

The amazing benefits of
LAB fermented extract


Colonoscopy before and after
taking LAB fermented extract

• Most researched probiotic strain & fiber in the world
• High intestinal colonization with >600x survival rate
• No excess gas, bloating cramping or loose stool as with other fibers
• Qualified by FDA as a dietary fiber
• Gentle on the gastrointestinal system
• Scientifically proven benefits

• Leader in LAB Probiotic Technology
• Trusted by over 1700 Japanese clinics
• Multiply body’s total good bacteria count & diversity
• Suppresses total bad bacteria count
• Fully backed by clinical trials

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