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Bioactive Organic Yunzhi Ultra

-20% Bioactive Organic Yunzhi Ultra

No. 1 Functional Health Supplements in Singapore

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A potent blend of 7 medicinal mushrooms into 1, Bioactive Organic Yunzhi Ultra (Turkey Tail) combines multiple biologically active compounds for maximal therapeutic effects. A comprehensive immune defence against various conditions and packed with powerful antioxidants, Bioactive Organic Yunzhi Ultra (Turkey Tail) also help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the body.

Bioactive Organic Yunzhi Ultra (Turkey Tail) contains >7% PSP & PSK, compounds researched to have positive results in the adjuvant treatment of serious illnesses. Studies have also suggested the efficacy of PSK & PSP as an immunotherapy or biological response modifier (BRM), an effective complement to convention therapy of serious illnesses after conventional treatment.


































Many mushroom supplements in the market claim to offer a high polysaccharide percentage but fail to disclose the alpha-glucan and beta-glucan content.

This is important because beta-glucans is the sought after bioactive compound. Alpha-glucans provide no medicinal benefits and therefore, minimal therapeutic effects. 

Ideally, a mushroom supplement should have low alpha-glucan and high beta-glucan percentage.

1-3 , 1-6 Beta-Glucans have immune-modulating properties to fight off infections, sickness, and abnormal cell growth. 1-3, 1-6 Beta-glucans is a very potent natural compound which helps increase the body's natural resistance to bacterial and viral infection, reduces allergy response and is also a powerful adjunct to immunotherapy.

Bioactive Organic Yunzhi Ultra (Turkey Tail) is a powerful and holistic formula comprising a proprietary blend of Yunzhi and 7-mushroom extracts. It promotes healthy inflammatory response, activates the immune cells and stimulates the release of protective compounds to enhance and strengthen the immunity.

Combining over 200 different immunomodulators in this single formula, Bioactive Organic Yunzhi Ultra (Turkey Tail) is the most potent immune enhancement formula to support body’s natural immune defences in response to serious health concerns.


• Comprehensive immune defence against serious health conditions
• Helps strengthen bodily functions and support health recovery (recuperating from physical exhaustion, prolonged illness & chronic diseases)
• Fight bacterial, viral and fungal infection

• Significantly reduces the incidence of post-treatment side effects (hair loss and vomiting).
• Improve appetite
• Support higher energy levels, vitality & alertness


• Helps restore immune response affected by chronic illness or treatment

• Helps alleviate stress and fatigue
• Nourishes body for optimal health
• High antioxidant protection and resists harmful free radicals

• Helps maintain healthy gut flora balance to improve digestive health and maintain a strong immune system.

• Liver Detoxification
• Reduce Blood Glucose & Insulin Resistance
• Nourish Spleen, Strengthen Liver and Lungs


Bioactive Organic Yunzhi Ultra (Turkey Tail) is 100% American grown in an FDA registered biotech facility. Cultivated in an ideal and controlled low oxygen low temperature environment. Manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility under strict quality control and safety standards. Third party certified absolutely safe and pure, non-irradiated.


  • 可提高身体的免疫防御,以对抗严重的健康问题
  • 增强身体机能并加速身体恢复(体力消耗,长期疾病和慢性疾病)
  • 抵抗细菌,病毒和真菌感染

  • 大大地减少治疗后副作用(脱发和呕吐)的发生率
  • 增进食欲
  • 保持更高的能量水平,活力和机敏性

  • 帮助恢复受慢性疾病或治疗影响的免疫反应

  • 减轻压力和疲劳
  • 滋养身体,保持最佳的健康状态
  • 高抗氧化保护并对抗有害自由基

  • 维持健康与平衡的肠道菌群,以改善消化道健康并维持良好的免疫系统

  • 肝脏排毒
  • 降低血糖和胰岛素抵抗
  • 滋补脾脏,增强肝和肺功能

Bioactive Organic Yunzhi Ultra 为100%美国种植,在经过FDA认证,低氧和低温的受控条件下模拟自然环境的生物技术设施中生长;并在严格质量控制和安全标准的良好生产规范(GMP)设施中制造。通过第三方认证,安全,纯正,无辐射。


Size 90 veggie caps
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