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Camelina Oil x 6 bottles Camelina Oil x 6 bottles
-22 %
Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: LABO591
Expiry Date: 04/2023 Oil is essential to our daily diet. It makes food taste delicious and assists our body in the absorption and assimilation of food and nutrients. Essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 and 6, can only be obtained from dietary supplementation. One good and readily av..
S$109.35 S$139.62
Diamond Vision PRO Diamond Vision PRO
New -30 %
Brand: AFC Japan Model: AFC155
  Blue lights emitted from electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones, TV and LED screens- produce a type of by-product called free radicals that can result in oxidative damage to eye tissues. The damage is slow and progressive, affecting the health of photoreceptors and macula ..
S$37.20 S$53.17
FloraGenesis Ultra-Wellness
New -20 %
Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: LABO605
Did you know, 90% of cells in the human body is microbial? The gut has the largest number of microbes (> 100 trillion) and the greatest number of species (≥ 1000 species) compared to other parts of the body. Good and bad bacteria reside in the intestines, with Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium be..
S$40.09 S$50.09
Kids Brain and Bone Burstlets
New -20 %
Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: LABO681
Every chewable burstlet contains a functional dosage of omega-3 DHA in rTG form, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 to effective support cognitive functioning, healthy vision and build stronger bones. DHA is a key structural component of the brain and retina in the eyes. Toddlers and young childre..
S$37.30 S$46.63
OmaxPure Omega-3 Fish Oil OmaxPure Omega-3 Fish Oil
-22 %
Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: LABO641
      Because our body cannot produce omega-3 on its own, many turn to fish oil to supplement to solve this deficiency. This also means that we should be looking out for the omega-3 mass in the fish oil. Omega-3 has powerful benefits for the body and the brain. From pr..
S$65.23 S$84.00
Precious Dew
Online Only -17 %
Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: LABO609
Trace minerals are essential minerals that are required for physiological functioning. They are constantly utilised by the body, yet they are not produced naturally and must be replenished regularly through diet, ideally in proper proportion to one other. Trace minerals are primarily catalyst..
S$37.29 S$44.86
Rare Sugar
Online Only -24 %
Brand: AFC Japan Model: AFC585
Why We Should Watch Our Sugar Intake? We often hear that consuming high amounts of sugar is bad for our health. However, did you know that this is because most of the sugar we take comes in the form of Sucrose (ie. table sugar). Sucrose is made up of glucose and fructose, which are burden to our ..
S$13.99 S$18.50
-20 %
Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: LABO600
Do your eyes often feel dry, irritated and tired?   Blue Light is Everywhere. You Can’t Avoid it but You Can be Protected!       Blue light is very bad for eyes, overexposure can negatively impact vision and lea..
S$44.76 S$55.98
Vitamin C with Ginseng  - PREORDER
Brand: AFC Japan Model: AFC604
Estimated arrival of stock is in Jan 2022     Great Benefits: ✓ Energise & relieve tiredness ✓ Improve Skin Condition ✓ Boost Immunity ✓ Protect Cells from Free Radical Damage   Do you need Vitamin C? Vitamin C from your Daily Diet Fruits..
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