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King Chlorella
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Brand: AFC Japan Model: AFC156
First Class Detox Nutrient for All Ages Constipation is a common health woe due to hectic lifestyle and poor dietary choices. Together with stress, sedentary lifestyle and sluggish metabolic system, waste and toxins build up in the body. Regular detoxification ensures proper acid-alkaline balance..
S$46.64 S$60.93
Kouzu Vinegar
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Brand: AFC Japan Model: AFC157
Is your body too acidic? To achieve a true sense of wellness, it is important for your body to maintain an alkaline level of pH 7.4. This ensures the vital functioning of all the cells, systems and organs in the body. Having too acidic a pH level can bring about discomfort and lead to health issu..
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Camelina Oil Camelina Oil
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Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: LABO581
Oil is essential to our daily diet. It makes food taste delicious and assists our body in the absorption and assimilation of food and nutrients. Essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 and 6, can only be obtained from dietary supplementation. One good and readily available source would be culinary oil..
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Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: LABO675
Mulbiotic is the key to healthy blood glucose. A natural sugar blocker formulated with 3 superfoods – organic Mulberry Leaf Extract enhanced with a proprietary synbiotic blend of shelf-stable LactoSpore® probiotics and Fenumannan® prebiotic. Mulbiotic helps to reduce sugar absorption after a carbo-r..
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Precious Dew
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Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: LABO609
Trace minerals are essential minerals that are required for physiological functioning. They are constantly utilised by the body, yet they are not produced naturally and must be replenished regularly through diet, ideally in proper proportion to one other. Trace minerals are primarily catalyst..
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Rare Sugar
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Brand: AFC Japan Model: AFC585
Why We Should Watch Our Sugar Intake? We often hear that consuming high amounts of sugar is bad for our health. However, did you know that this is because most of the sugar we take comes in the form of Sucrose (ie. table sugar). Sucrose is made up of glucose and fructose, which are burden to our ..
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