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SCP Cartilage Sensei Supreme Exp: 08/2022
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SCP Cartilage Sensei Supreme Exp: 08/2022
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Lubricate for Flexible, pain-Free joints


Are You Affected By Any of These Problems

Are You Affected By Any of These Problems

Why Do We Have Joint Pain and Stiffness?

1. Wear and Tear of Joints and Cartilage
Cartilage tissues in the joint help to cushion the bones and joints so they can glide smoothly over each other while synovial fluid lubricates the joint and acts as a shock absorber to protect it against damage.Wear and tear erodes the cartilage and synovial fluid, resulting in pain, swelling and stiffness.

Diagram on Wear and Tear of Joints and Cartilage

2. Excessive Uric Acid
Gout is one of the most painful forms of arthritis. It occurs when too much uric acids build up in the body. This results in the accumulation of sharp uric acid crystals in the joint which trigger joint swelling, pain, redness and stiffness in the affected joint.


3. Malfunctioning of the immune system
When the immune system interprets the body’s own tissues as foreign, it produces antibodies or immune cells to attack specific tissues of the body including the joints. This causes the inflammation and thickening of synovium, joint pain, swelling as well as warmth and redness.


4. Deficiency in Mucopolysaccharides
Mucopolysaccharide is a natural component found abundantly in the cartilage, synovial fluid, bone, ligament, tendon, skin, heart, blood vessel and other connective tissue.

Mucopolysaccharide is essential to the body as a lubricant and shock absorber, to keep joints supple and flexible.

Deficiency in this mucopolysaccharide could result in stiff and painful joints, brittle bones, skin ageing and other health issues affecting the quality of life.

As the body ages, the production of mucopolysaccharide reduces; especially when one advances into the senior years. Supplementation through diet is important to keep joints healthy and strong.

Mucopolysaccharide levels decrease with age

J Clin Invest. 45(7): 1103–1111 (1966)

Where can you get mucopolysaccharides

Cartilage is a good source of mucopolysaccharides and beneficial in keeping joints strong and healthy. However, most of the cartilage products in the market employ simple technologies to grind shark cartilage into powder with no removal of impurities. They are not water soluble and this greatly reduces bioavailability and absorption by the body.

4-Cartilage Matrix
Comprehensive, Multi-faceted Protection

4-Cartilage Matrix Comprehensive, Multi-faceted Protection


SCP Cartilage Sensei Supreme is a proprietary bioactive formula of naturally occurring Chondroitin Sulphate Protein Complex (SCP) extracted from multiple bio-marine and chicken cartilages. Thanks to a full spectrum of mucopolysaccharides – Chondroitin Sulphates A, C, D and E from 4 cartilage sources, it is able to provide much more comprehensive joint benefits than regular cartilage nutrition.

In addition, SCP Cartilage Sensei Supreme also contains unique and highly absorbable protein peptides such as Type II Collagen Peptides, Uric Acid-Lowering Peptides and Abnormal Cell Growth-Reducing Peptides, derived from an enzymatic hydrolysis process.

Joint & Bone, More unique benefits of SCP Cartilage Sensei Supreme

What Makes SCP Cartilage Sensei Supreme More Superior?
What Makes SCP Cartilage Sensei Supreme More Superior

1. Proprietary Enzymatic Hydrolysis
A unique production process that breaks down cartilage components into multiple naturally occurring protein peptides for more benefits such as reducing abnormal cell growth and maintaining healthy level of uric acid to alleviate joint discomfort relating to excessive uric acid.

Comparison of Cartilage Production Processes


2. High Strength Formulation and High Bioavailability



High Strength Formulation and High Bioavailability. Compare With Other Shark Cartilage


3. Endorsement of Proven Efficacy
World patents spanning Japan, United States, Europe, Canada,China and other countries.


Who should take SCP Cartilage Sensei Supreme?

Pain relating to excessive uric acid, Extensive exercise; injuries & fractures history, elderly; menopausal Women; Stiffness

Other concerns

• Concerns relating to excessive uric acid levels
• Abnormal cell growth
• Desire for healthy cerebrovascular system
• Skin concerns - fine lines & wrinkles etc


The Potent Ingredients of SCP Cartilage Sensei Supreme

Chrondroitin Sulphate
A complete range of Chondroitin Sulphates from four animal cartilages provide unsurpassed


 Promotes elasticity of cartilage
 Strengthens the shock-absorbing property of cartilage
 Manages osteoarthritis and stiff joints
 Soothes swollen joints
 Improves joint lubrication and increase mobility
 Supports bone formation
 Protects joints, bones, skin and internal walls of blood vessels


Type II Collagen Peptides
Type II Collagen helps to reduce autoimmune responses to the body’s own tissues to prevent

inflammation and soothe joint discomfort.

✓ Manages painful clicking and knee popping
 Reduces joint inflammation
 Enhances recovery from sports injuries
 Accelerates cartilage healing
 Supports function and hydration for joints, back and jaws


Uric Acid Level-Lowering Peptide
Helps maintain a healthy level of uric acid to alleviate joint discomfort relating to excessive uric
acid which crystallised in the blood and are deposited in the joints. Crystal deposits trigger an
inflammation which causes recurring incidences of joint discomfort.

Helps to reduce the growth and spread of harmful cells in the body.


Scientifically Proven Benefits of SCP

1. Joint Health – Reduces Joint Inflammation and Pain

Study 1:
SCP, which consists of both chondroitin sulphate and protein components improves symptoms of arthritis such as joint pain, stiffness, swelling and reduced mobility. A higher Arthritis Index indicates more severe inflammation; SCP showed a decrease in inflammation. This may be attributed to the type II collagen peptides in SCP that interact with chondroitin sulphate and work synergistically to improve arthritis.


SCP improves Arthritis (Joint inflammation)

SCP improves Arthritis (Joint inflammation)

(グルコサミソ研究 Vol. 6 (2010))

Study 2:
Joint inflammation causes the feet to swell and increase in size. SCP is more effective in suppressing the swelling than purified chondroitin sulphate.

SCP suppresses swelling in foot

SCP suppresses swelling in foot

(グルコサミソ研究 Vol. 6 (2010))

Study 3:
Administration of 800mg of chondroitin sulphate per day significantly reduces knee pain. Almost all participants with knees that hurt badly when climbing stairs reported relief after taking chondroitin sulphate for 1 month.


Chondroitin sulphate noticeably suppresses knee pain

                                                                                                                                                    (Maruha Nichiro Corporation, Foods & Fine Chemicals Department)

2. Maintains Healthy Level of Uric Acid and Helps Alleviate Joint Discomfort

High uric acid levels in the blood due to excessive production or diminished excretion of uric acid from the body cause crystals to be formed and deposited in the joints, tendons and the surrounding tissues. This triggers severe inflammation and results in recurrent attacks of acute inflammatory arthritis such as gout. Long-term use of prescribed uric acid-reducing drugs may lead to side effects such as skin disease, liver disorder and decreased production of blood cells.

Contains uric acid-lowering peptides which are proven to regulate uric acid level and alleviate discomfort.

Study 1:
Two groups of subjects had potassium oxonate added to their diet to raise their uric acid levels for this study. One group was the control group while the second group was given SCP for 28 days. Results showed those with intake of SCP had significantly lowered serum uric acid levels than the control group.


SCP significantly lowers uric acid levels in blood serum
SCP significantly lowers uric acid levels in blood serum

*p < 0.05 vs. Control
(J Food Biochem 34: 182-194 (2010))

Study 2:

In this study, subjects were given potassium oxonate to trigger hyperuricemia (high uric acid in the blood). Their diets were subsequently supplemented with SCP or purified chondroitin sulphate for 28 days. Results showed significant uric acid-lowering effect in SCP group but not the chondroitin sulphate group.


Only SCP showed significant lowering in uric acid levels

*p < 0.05 vs. Control
(J Food Biochem 34: 182-194 (2010))


Study 3:
Study showed subjects with intake of uric acid-lowering peptides demonstrated significant decrease in uric acid level after 22 days.

Specific functional uric acid-lowering peptides of SCP is responsible for
reducing high uric acid levels in blood

*p < 0.05 vs. Chondroitin Sulphate
(J Food Biochem 34: 182-194 (2010))


3. Bone Health – Improves Calcium Absorption and Bone Strength

Study 1:
SCP accelerates calcium absorption and gaining in bone strength which are beneficial for the prevention of fractures and osteoporosis. In this study, subjects with induced osteoporosis were
given a diet containing calcium and SCP. Results show that calcium content in subject’s thigh bone (femur) and fracture strength of the femur increased significantly after consuming the SCP-rich diet.

SCP promotes calcium absorption and gaining in bone strength

*p < 0.05 vs. Calcium
(グルコサミソ研究 Vol. 6 (2010))

Do you know? Supplementation of mucopolysaccharides and calcium help to prevent bone loss.

Click research tab for more scientific studies

Contents: 400mg x 240 caplets


No. of Cores 240 Caplets

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