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Red Yeast Rice Complex

Red Yeast Rice Complex
Red Yeast Rice Complex
Red Yeast Rice Complex
Red Yeast Rice Complex
Red Yeast Rice Complex
Red Yeast Rice Complex
Red Yeast Rice Complex
Red Yeast Rice Complex
Red Yeast Rice Complex
Red Yeast Rice Complex
Red Yeast Rice Complex
Red Yeast Rice Complex
Red Yeast Rice Complex
Red Yeast Rice Complex
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Active Ingredients per capsule

Each capsule of 570mg contains:

Greenhouse Red Yeast Rice Complex 450 mg

Greenhouse Cordyceps Stroma 120 mg

No fillers, stimulants, additives, colourings or preservatives.



Recommended Dosage

For Therapeutic Dose: Take 1 capsule 2 times daily after meals.

For General Maintenance: Take 1 capsule after dinner


I was pleasantly surprised!

Ms Tok from Singapore

I have been taking Lifestream Red Yeast Rice Complex for 8 months. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized my cholesterol and triglycerides profile has greatly improved despite the fact that I was not on any special diet or taking any medication. In fact, due to my love for good food, I found it impossible to keep to a healthy diet. Thank you Lifestream for introducing this wonderful product, now I can continue to enjoy good food without worrying about my cholesterol problem all the time!  






Total Cholesterol









>1.03 mmol/L





<3.35 mmol/L












Lifestream Red Yeast Rice did work!


Ng E Bok, 60

My daughter is a healthcare professional who is well aware of the side effects of taking long term medication. When she came to know of Lifestream Red Yeast Rice Complex that serves as a natural cholesterol management product, she brought some for me to try. I have never been a fan of supplements but to my surprise, it did work! After a few months of taking only Lifestream Red Yeast Rice Complex, my cholesterol profile has improved tremendously.



Total Cholesterol

260.5 mg/dL
197.3 mg/dL
183.3 mg/dL
<200 mg/dL


93.0 mg/Dl
85.1 mg/dL
84.2 mg/dl
<200 mg/dL

HDL Cholesterol

53.0 mg/dL
44.9 mg/dL
55.8 mg/dl
>40 mg/dL

LDL Cholesterol

168.8 mg/dL
135.3 mg/dL
110.8 mg/dl
<130 mg/dL

T Cholesterol/HDL Cholesterol Ratio



I feel more energetic now


Madam Nurul and Mr Sa’at Ahmad, both 45

Just earlier in May 2009, we read about how Lifestream Red Yeast Rice helps to effectively lower cholesterol levels. My wife suggested I try it as a natural alternative first before taking any medication. At my previous checkup, my cholesterol level was in the high range at 6.6mmol/L. After two weeks of being on Lifestream Red Yeast Rice, I was impressed to note that my cholesterol reading has dropped to 6.2mmol/L. In addition, my overall health has improved and I feel more energetic now. Previously I used to feel very lethargic and sleepy. The difference is most obvious when I am driving – I no longer feel like I’m about to fall asleep behind the wheel!




With great appreciation


I want to thank you very much for your products and recommendations on the different supplements to take. My mum's second test results came back with much improved results!

When my mum first went for a complete blood checkup in early Jan 2009, the doctor called me to accompany my mum to collect her results. He wanted to highlight certain issues to me so that she would get the proper medical attention. My mum's cholesterol levels were extremely high and so were her liver screening. The doctor (who is a private doctor) told us that it would be better for her to see a doctor from a Polyclinic and get medication from there as in cases like hers; it would require frequent tests and long-term medication to control the cholesterol levels and fatty liver.

Immediately after seeing the doctor, I decided to buy supplements from Lifestream as I have heard so much about the company's products. In addition, I have read up on several of Lifestream products on the website and was especially impressed with the countless testimonials for the various products. I called the company and was very kindly serviced by its nutritionist. She advised me on which products would benefit my mum after listening to my description of my mum's test results.

I ordered the following products for my mum: Lifestream Greenhouse Cordyceps Stroma and the Red Yeast Rice Complex. Then, we also had the King Chlorella. The nutritionist had written down clear instructions for my mum on the daily dosage for each supplement and my mum started taking them just one day after we got the first test results. We were also advised that it would take about 3 months before we could expect to see results from taking the supplements.

About one month later, we went to the Polyclinic to see a doctor and take another blood test. We were told to come back in another 2 weeks time to get the results and the doctor would then see whether to prescribe any medication for her based on the second test results.

The good news is, we just went back to see the doctor to get the second test results and everything went well. My mum's cholesterol level's went down and her liver test results showed that everything was normal. The great news is, my mum also experienced various other positive changes quite soon after she started taking the supplements. I think it would be best to list down her test results below:






7.6 mmol/L

6.15 mmol/L



5.2 mmol/L

3.82 mmol/L


The doctor saw no need to prescribe any cholesterol-lowering medication for her since he saw a drop in her cholesterol levels. We will only need to go back to the clinic in another 3 months for her to take another test and assessment. In summary, my mum does not need to take any medication and she has experienced the following benefits since taking Lifestream products:

- Lower cholesterol levels
- Normal liver levels
- Elimination of constipation (her bowel movements were irregular, sometimes only twice a week). She has regular daily bowel movements and she says she feels extremely "cleansed" each time
- Weight loss--even her friends have commented that she has lost weight even though she has not consciously been dieting
- Increased sweating--she did not use to sweat easily, but now perspires after some exercise

She is a great fan of Lifestream products and never misses a day of taking her supplements. Thank you for creating such fantastic products that have helped my mum enjoy a healthy life!

With great appreciation,

Olivia Lim


My total cholesterol levels dropped!



I was shocked to find out that my total Cholesterol levels were very high during a routine checkup in March 2008, at 305mg/dL. The doctor started me on medication straight away, but I was hesitant to stay on it for long term because of the detrimental side effects to my liver and kidneys. Hence, I was on the lookout for natural alternatives to switch to. Thanks to a friend’s recommendation, I started on Lifestream Red Yeast Rice in September, taking 2 capsules a day before bedtime for 3 months. Due to work and always being on the go, I could not change much of my diet or lifestyle.  At my next checkup in November, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my total Cholesterol levels dropped to 247 mg/dL!




Reference Range

Total Cholesterol

305 mg/dL

247 mg/dL



117 mg/dL

149 mg/dL


HDL- Cholesterol

74 mg/dL

73 mg/dL


LDL- Cholesterol

208 mg/dL

144 mg/dL


Total/ HDL Ratio





I will recommend this product to my friends.

Wang Wenzheng, 55s


I go to medical checkup every year. Early in this year, I found my Triglyceride was higher than the normal rage. I thought it was because I ate too much during the Chinese New Year and after a few month it might come back to normal. So I went to check it again in July. My Triglyceride level was still high. As I always try to avoid taking medicine and use natural treatments, so I didn’t take any medicine. My daughter-in-law recommended Lifestream Red Yeast Rice to me, saying that this is made of Red Yeast Rice and Cordyceps, which is very natural and harmless. As my triglyceride level was not very high, so I take 1 capsule per day. After taking for two months, my health report showed the drop of Triglyceride level, from 2.56 mmol/L to 1.37mmol/L, came back to the normal rage! I will recommend this product to my friends who have Cholesterol and Triglyceride problem.







4.59 mmol/L

3.1-5.7 mmol/L


2.56 mmol/L

1.37 mmol/L

0.31-1.70 mmol/L



1.88 mmol/L

0.96-1.55 mmol/L



2.60 mmol/L

1.56-3.81 mmol/L


It is really a good assistant for healthy blood lipid level!

Ge Zhangqi, 52s


My Triglyceride level had been high for a few years. I took medicine according to doctor’s advice for 2 months before, but no improvement, so I just stopped taking medicine and tried to ignore it. I have Adiposis Hepatica problem and my daughter knows the side effects of taking long time medicine clearly, so she didn’t try to persuade me into taking it, but recommended some natural dietetic therapeutics to me. Although my Triglyceride level was improved a bit, it was still very high. I started taking Lifestream Red Reast Rice since August 08, 2 capsules per day, as my daughter said it contains Cordyceps which can help nourish and protect liver and lower triglyceride level more naturally. After taking for nearly 4 months, I had my blood lipid checked again. I was very surprised when I found my Triglyceride level drop from 3.69mmol/L to 2.02mmol/L! Lifestream Red Yeast Rice is really a good assistant for healthy blood lipid level!






3.86 mmol/L

3.11 mmol/L



3.69 mmol/L

2.02 mmol/L



0.99 mmol/L

0.91 mmol/L



1.19 mmol/L

1.28 mmol/L



Testimony from yet another satisfied user of Red Yeast Rice



Not sure if you recall that we met a few times during the Singapore Food Fair.

Tks for the recommendation to take Red Yeast Rice supplement together with CoQ10 to lower cholesterol level. As suggested by you, I went to check my cholesterol level before and after taking the recommended supplements.

I have taken 2 boxes of Red Yeast Rice and 2 bottles of CoQ10 supplements. As spoken during the last food fair that I will keep you posted on the follow-up, the results are as follows:-

Lipid Profile
  Ref Range
Total Cholesterol
HDL Cholesterol
LDL Cholesterol
Cholesterol/HDL Ratio

I thought I will share this piece of good news with you.

Thank you.

Ms Boh


How Red Yeast Rice Complex works?

Red Yeast Rice Complex provides Monacolin K that inhibits HMG-CoA reductase, an enzyme that is required to produce cholesterol in the liver. With the inhibition of the HMG-CoA reductase, cholesterol synthesis is reduced, hence maintaining a healthier serum cholesterol level, which in turn reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. 
Pictorial illustration of how Lifestream Red Yeast Rice Complex helps to maintain healthy cholesterol level:
So what if we have high cholesterol? Didn’t the studies show that we all need cholesterol to function?
It is true that we do need Cholesterol for normal body function just like proteins and carbohydrates. Cholesterol is required for a wide range of important body functions such as protecting our nerves, making cell tissues and producing certain hormones. However, we only need a tiny amount each day. In fact, the recommended daily intake of cholesterol is no more than 300mg – that is equivalent to the weight of 10 grains of rice! See how little we need?
Cholesterolis not the cause of heart diseases and stroke, an excess of cholesterol is the problem. Liver plays an important role in producing the right amount of cholesterol for the optimum function of the body. However, cholesterol can also be obtained from our daily diet.  High cholesterol arise if the liver function fails and excess cholesterol is produced (usually a hereditary problem) or the person adopts an unhealthy diet, which can easily accumulate more cholesterol than necessary.
The cholesterol building up in arteries will cause arteries to narrow and harden; this condition is known as atherosclerosis. Larger deposits of cholesterol can completely block an artery, reduce blood circulation and eventually lead to chronic disease such as heart attack and stroke. This is why high cholesterol is a silent killer, as it does not cause any observable symptoms until the problem occurs.
In Singapore, more than quarters of all causes of death each year are related to heart attacks and stroke. According to a recent health survey, about 1 in 2 Singaporeans aged between 18-69 years had borderline high/high total cholesterol levels.


Different types of Cholesterol


In order to better understand your test report reading, you may wish to learn what are the different types of Cholesterol present in our body and what each of them means.
·        Low-density lipoprotein (LDL)Healthy level: >1.0mmol/L
LDL is also known as the "bad" cholesterol as it is the MAIN cause of harmful fatty buildup in arteries. The higher the LDL cholesterol levels in the blood, the greater the heart disease risk. Therefore, even if the total cholesterol level of an individual is normal, but the LDL is too high, the risk of heart diseases is still high.  
 ·        High-density lipoprotein (HDL) – Healthy level: 0.9-3.3mmol/L
HDL, also known as the "good" cholesterol, carries excess blood cholesterol back to the liver, where it can be eliminated. HDL helps prevent a cholesterol buildup in blood vessels, hence when HDL level is too low, the risk of heart diseases is also increased.
In addition, there is also another type of fat in the blood known as Triglycerides Healthy level: 1.7-2.3mmol/L. High level of triglycerides in blood can also increase the risk of heart disease.



The importance of arterial elasticity

An elastic artery is an artery with a large amount of collagen and elastin, giving it the ability to stretch in response to each pulse. This elasticity helps to maintain a relatively constant blood pressure.

For every time the heart beats, a pressure is created inside the arteries to pump blood from the heart to the blood vessels. During heart contraction (systole), the elasticity of arteries serves as a “shock absorber” to reduce the rapid sharp increase in arterial pressure by expansion and shock absorption. After contraction, the heart relaxes (diastole) and the elastic recoil of arteries maintains sufficient blood pressure to ensure continuous and uninterrupted blood flow to all organs during this period of time. Thus, elastic arteries help to moderate blood pressures despite the rhythmic and intermittent dissemination of blood through the blood vessels.

As the body ages, the arterial walls become thicker and the space within the arteries expands slightly. In addition, elastic tissue within the walls of the arteries is also lost. These combined changes cause the vessels to stiffen and become less resilient, they are unable to relax as quickly during the rhythmic pumping of the heart. As a result, blood pressure increases more when the heart contracts, than it does in younger people.

This explains why older people usually have high blood pressure during systole and normal blood pressure during diastole. Besides elevated blood pressure, increased arterial stiffness is also associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases (such as heart attack and stroke), dementia and death.


What is pulse wave velocity?

Pulse wave velocity (PWV) measures the arterial stiffness at which the pressure waves generated by the contraction of the heart is assessed. It determines the elasticity of the arterial system, with the higher PWV being the higher arterial stiffness. Stiffening of arteries are associated with cardiovascular diseases; the higher the marker, the greater the risk.

PWV was associated with gender and age. In healthy population, PWV is higher in males (7.8 m/s) than females (7.7 m/s). Arterial stiffness increases with age, that is to say PWV increases progressively as a person ages. (Eur Heart J. 31(19): 2338-2350 (2010)).

Pulse wave velocity (m/s) according to age in non-hypertensive population with no additional cardiovascular risk factors.


Age category (years)

Mean PWV (m/s)

< 30


30 - 39


40 - 49


50 - 59


60 - 69


≥ 70


(Eur Heart J. 31(19): 2338-2350 (2010))



Red Yeast Rice –

Helps Maintain Healthy Blood Lipid Profile Naturally
Red Yeast Rice (Monascus purpureus Went), made from fermentation of rice, has been used for centuries as a brewing ingredient and as an agent for food colouring and aroma. The Chinese Pharmacopoeia, Ben Cao Gang Mu (Ming Dynasty), has documented that Red Yeast Rice aids digestion, strengthens internal organs and promotes healthy blood circulation.

It contains a natural cholesterol-lowering substance called Monacolin K and has been used as a traditional herbal medicine for centuries. Monacolin-K inhibits HMG-CoA reductase, an enzyme responsible for the production of cholesterol in the body. Since it was first discovered, scientists have found a total of 8 monacolin-like substances in Red Yeast Rice that contains cholesterol-lowering properties.
Other than Monacolin K, Red Yeast Rice also contains other ingredients such as fibre, unsaturated fatty acids like linoleic and linolenic acids, trace minerals like magnesium and vitamins like B-complex and niacin, all of which have known benefits in reducing serum lipids.
Monacolin and its benefits

1. Supports healthy blood lipid level
Monacolin K, the main active ingredient in red yeast rice, has been extensively researched and clinically proven to be effective in maintaining healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It supports reduction of Triglyceride by to 16%, LDL Cholesterol (bad cholesterol) by up to 24%, reducing the riskof heart related diseases and stroke. There are two forms of Monacolin K – bio-ready and inactive forms. Most red yeast rice products in the market contain mainly the inactive form of Monacolin K, which relies on the body to convert them into the active form. Hence results are not always guaranteed.

best singapore supplement red yeast rice
Lifestream Red Yeast Rice Complex contains bio-ready form of monacolin which can be readily utilised by the body and hence, reduce the conversion load on the liver.

2. Supports arterial elasticity
Monacolin K is chemically identical to the active ingredient in Lovastatin, a drug (Statin) that revolutionised the treatment of Hypercholesterolemia (high blood cholesterol).

Hypercholesterolemia can cause arteries to harden, leading to arterial stiffness. This may explain research findings where statin therapy including Lovastatin has a beneficial effect on arterial stiffness (Int J Cardiol 227: 338-341 (2017)) as characterised by the measurement of pulse wave velocity (PWV). Similar to Statin, red yeast rice plus coenzyme Q10 supplementation for 6 months was clinically proven to significantly reduce arterial stiffness in moderately hypercholesterolemic subjects whose PWV were reduced by 4.7% after monacolin treatment, but increased 1.1% after taking placebo (Ann Nutr Metab 68(3): 213-219 (2016))

Another study revealed that the combination of red yeast rice, berberine and policosanols reduced both cholesterol levels and PWV of hypercholesterolemic subjects, where cholesterol reduction was associated with decrement of arterial stiffness (PharmaNutrition 1(2): 73-77 (2013)).


Lifestream Red Yeast Rice- Unique Dual-action Formula
Lifestream Red Yeast Rice Complex is a synergistic, dual-action formula that combines the goodness of premium Red Yeast Rice with 11-year awarding winning Lifestream Cordyceps Stroma. Lifestream Cordyceps Stroma is produced with an advanced biotechnology of cultivating the fungus in a controlled environment to produce Cordyceps containing pharmacologically active components similar to those of the wild Cordyceps. Cordycepin and Adenosine found in the Cordyceps work synergistically with Red Yeast Rice to improve blood circulation in the body, especially blood flow to the heart and brain. It also helps to strengthen the liver and reduce workload of liver.

Red Yeast Rice
• Support healthy blood lipid levels
• Support healthy heart and blood circulation
• Promote general well-being


• Support healthy bodily functions & blood circulation
• Support functioning of all major body organs such
as lungs, liver and kidney
• Promote healthy immunity & good sleep quality


Why choose Lifestream Red Yeast Rice Complex: 
Real Lives, Real Testimonies
“It’s unbelievable but my arterial stiffness really improved to healthy levels within days!”

58-year-old S.C. Phua did not take his prescribed medication to manage his cholesterol issue as he was concerned with side effects and tried Lifestream Red Yeast Rice instead. “My cholesterol profile is maintained within the healthy range after I started taking Red Yeast Rice. I am very surprised that my pulse wave velocity also dropped to normal healthy levels. I’m 58 now but I can proudly tell my friends that my arteries are as young as those in their 40s.”

What is pulse wave velocity?

Pulse wave velocity (PWV) measures the arterial stiffness at which the pressure waves generated by the contraction of the heart is assessed. It determines the elasticity of the arterial system, with the higher PWV being the higher arterial stiffness. Stiffening of arteries are associated with cardiovascular diseases; the higher the marker, the greater the risk.






She went for a medical checkup and shockingly she found that her total cholesterol and LDL level were so high that she was prescribed medication to control her cholesterol problem. That’s when she decided started to try Lifestream Red Yeast Rice Complex. Three months later, she went for another medical checkup. From the medical checkup result, her total cholesterol level dropped from 6.68mmol/L (unhealthy range) to 4.55mmol/L (healthy range). The greatest improvement observed was her LDL level that lessened drastically from 4.456mmol/L to 1.38 mmol/L followed by the significant increase in her good cholesterol, HDL level from 1.41 to 2.22mmol/L. With the help of Lifestream Red Yeast Rice Complex, Madam Chua successfully overcome her cholesterol problem and regains her health in just 3 months time.

In October 2007, Mr Mok went for a medical checkup and that was when he discovered his total cholesterol level, especially his triglycerides levels were too high, thus increasing his risk of heart disease.

Mr Mok was introduced to Lifestream Red Yeast Rice Complex. After consuming for a few months, he did another test in May 2008 and discovered his total cholesterol level had dropped drastically from 6.96mmol/L to 5.4mmol/L while his triglycerides level had lessened from 4.95mmol/L to 3.6mmol/L. Mr. Mok is very happy to see improvement in his health so soon and was grateful to have found Lifestream Red Yeast Rice Complex that allowed him to control his cholesterol and triglyceride levels naturally and safely.

Contents: 570mg x 60 vegecaps


  1. Singapore National Health Survey 2004
  2. Data from Centre for Disease Control and Prevention 
veggie caps
60 veggie caps

Title Red Yeast Rice Complex

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