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Bone Health

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Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: LABO689
  Anna Phua’s natural healing and bone-building remedy Other than aging and wear and tear, it is also important that we consume sufficient nutrients that are vital to maintain a strong body structure. An insufficient supply of nutrients not only accelerates the natur..
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2x FlexC PRO EX + 2x Bioactive Silica
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Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: LABO695
FlexC PRO EX helped Anna strengthen her bones      ..
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Bioactive Silica Bioactive Silica
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Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: LABO640
      It is a common assumption that calcium supplement is the answer for restoring bone density. In the USA, 43% of Americans take calcium supplements daily, of which 70% is older women. Yet, the osteoporosis is still constantly on the rise and wi..
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Joint Sensei Supreme Joint Sensei Supreme
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Brand: AFC Japan Model: AFC525
Are you experiencing any of these conditions that restrict your mobility? Millions of adults around the world suffer from varying degrees of joint degeneration, accompanied by joint pain, discomfort and limited flexibility. Joint pain is often associated with problems that only affect the e..
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Kids Brain and Bone Burstlets
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Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: LABO681
Every chewable burstlet contains a functional dosage of omega-3 DHA in rTG form, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 to effective support cognitive functioning, healthy vision and build stronger bones. DHA is a key structural component of the brain and retina in the eyes. Toddlers and young childre..
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SCP Cartilage Sensei Supreme SCP Cartilage Sensei Supreme
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Brand: AFC Japan Model: AFC600
  Are You Affected By Any of These Problems Why Do We Have Joint Pain and Stiffness? 1. Wear and Tear of Joints and Cartilage Cartilage tissues in the joint help to cushion the bones and joints so they can glide smoothly over each other while synovial fluid lubricates the joint an..
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