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Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: LABO625
  • Painful, inflamed or stiff joints due to worn-out or injured cartilage, tendons or ligaments • Sore shoulders and neck from sitting at ..
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Perfect Quercetin
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Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: LABO709
When the body is exposed to allergen for the first time, the immune system overreacts by producing antibodies, known as immunoglobulin E (IgE), which ..
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Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: LABO705
The bacteria in your gut affects nearly every part of your body; research has associated a lack of good bacteria in the gut with many health problems:..
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Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: LABO704
FiberGG combines a scientifically proven soluble fiber with a highly researched probiotic strain to help move food through the digestive tract, mainta..
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Bioactive Organic Fiber
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Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: LABO703
Bioactive Organic Fiber is a scientifically proven soluble fiber which helps move food through the digestive tract to maintain digestive health and mi..
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Mulbiotic (capsules)
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Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: LABO691
Excessive intake of sugar can negatively impact your health. Here are some examples of how it can mess your body up.    Brain – Su..
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Ultimate Vision PRO 4X
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Brand: AFC Japan Model: AFC667
Formulated with intensive eye nutrients, Ultimate Vision PRO 4X supports poor vision, alleviates eye fatigue and dryness, as well as reduces the risks..
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Ultimate Vision 4X
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Brand: AFC Japan Model: AFC666
Ultimate Vision 4X is formulated with FloraGLO Lutein 4X, a patented brand name free form lutein further enhanced with 4X technology for 4 times highe..
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Diamond Vision PRO
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Brand: AFC Japan Model: AFC155
Diamond Vision PRO 4X is scientifically formulated to provide crucial nutritional support to safeguard the well-being of your eyes, by reducing accomm..
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Bioactive Silica Bioactive Silica
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Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: LABO640
      It is a common assumption that calcium supplement is the answer for restoring bone density. ..
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Biogenics 16
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Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: LABO488
Consuming regular probiotics is not as effective as naturally growing the body’s good bacteria. Biogenics 16 is a breakthrough formula that helps your..
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Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: LABO549
Plasmalogens are a type of phospholipid present in almost all human tissues, most abundantly in the brain. It declines after age 30 and research indic..
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Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: LABO680
• Lack of intimacy • Low self-confidence • Poor endurance and performance • Low energy & stamina • Poor blood circulation • Symptoms associat..
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OmaxPure DHA76 OmaxPure DHA76
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Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: LABO682
Not all DHA Fish Oils are Equal! When comparing DHA supplements, always look at the percentage of DHA and form of DHA. Fish oil with high DHA perce..
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Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: LABO670
Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), the leading cause of death globally, are conditions which affect the structures or function of the heart and blood ves..
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Brazilian Green Propolis Extract
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Brand: AFC Japan Model: AFC164
Nature's Remedy for Good Immune Health Employing the latest extraction method, Brazilian Green Propolis contains the highest concentration of flavo..
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Brazilian Green Propolis Spray
-10 %
Brand: AFC Japan Model: AFC632
AFC Brazilian Green Propolis Spray Nature's Remedy for Good Immune Health Employing the latest extraction method, Brazilian Green Propolis c..
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Brazilian Green Propolis Ultimate
-10 %
Brand: LABO Nutrition Model: LABO165
What is Propolis? Propolis, also known as “bee glue”, is a natural resinous substance produced by honey bees using  enzymes and beeswax to mix..
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